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Please help me, Free 9month old cat, with litter box, cat carrier, and is fixed!

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Hi I'm a college student and my mother will not allow me to keep my adroable nine month old cat. He has been fixed and been to the vet a few times and also he is very healthy. He is a very people friendly cat. Has lived with cats and dogs too. He isn't a stray, I got him from my friend whos cat had kittens. He is gray and about 9 pounds. He purrs all the time. If you or anyone you know would like a free, healthy cat, along with a litter box and a cat carrier and lives within in the Yardley ,Pa area please reply ASAP.!!
Thank you very much
Sincerly Jillian

Ps. I'll send pictures upon request.
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Hi Jillian I wish you the best of luck in finding a wonderful home for your kitty. If you don't mind though, I would like to suggest that you not give him away for free. By advertising a free cat you are running the risk of people contacting you from kitty mills or people who want cats for experimental purposes or food for a larger pet. It would be a good idea to charge a fee just to make sure your kitty ends up with someone who wants him
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I hope you find a home for you little guy and I agree with Tanya.
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hey thank you so much for the advice. i m just worried about a home i had two families look at him so far and both loved except one wanted me to declaw him and the other family decided they wanted to get another dog rather than a cat. i m soo bummed. i m not sure how much to ask for so if you have any sugesstions send them my way. i just really love the guy and want him to have a really good home . and more than anything i just want to convince my mom to let me keep him cuase honestly he is the greatest cat i have ever had.
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is there a reason why your Mom wont let you keep the little guy?
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Originally Posted by jillian22
i m not sure how much to ask for so if you have any sugesstions send them my way.
as squirtle pointed out there are a lot of sick people who would take your kitty and sell them to labs or use to feed reptiles.
I would advertise at least $20 for the girl.
This will discourage these types of people. Labs usually give around 20 per animal and the other sickos who use cats and puppies to feed their reptiles wont bother with anything that costs them money.

Maybe there is a way to work with your mother, is their a specific reason she doesnt want the cat other than "she said so"? this site can help you gather information that debunks most peoples arguements about allergies, destroying furnature etc.

if Mom insists, honor her wishes and dont hold any hard feelings towards her.
try http://www.1-800-save-a-pet.com/shelterpages/71074.html. they are a no kill cat rescue organization in Yardley. they maybe able to assist you or direct you to a repatuable SPCA.

I hope your kittie finds a great home.
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Jillian...welcome to TCS....one thing you might want to do is try to find a rescue group that would allow you to "foster" this cat until you find him a home. The great thing about rescue groups is they tend to do a good job at finding the right home. They also charge a fee. Most rescue groups tend to rescue from kill shelters and are often "full" so most can't take on an additional cat..but if you foster him and bring him to adoption events...and allow the rescue to charge their normal adoption fee (and keep it), then it is a win/win for everyone.

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Thank you soo much for all the help. I will def check into a foster family for my cat. My mom wont let me keep the cat becuase my freshmen year of college she had a cat and had a bad experience but I wasnt around so I never really knew that, and ended up giving that cat away before I even came home for the summer. Now I 'm a junior in college and my friend needed help becuase she had a pergnant cat and I really wanted a kitten, so she gave me one. With out realizing my mom would really hate the idea, so I'm really bummed. But thank you soo much for the help.
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i agree with TNR and i hope you can try and talk to your mom again. let her see that YOU will take care of the cat and be responsible for it's care. maybae she doesn't want to be "stuck" with the responsibility of taking care of it while you are at school? just reassure her that the kitty is your responsibility and she can just enjoy the cat.
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There may be a smaple contract on this site (or PM me, we have one at our Rescue here in Fla) but you should also give the new owner of your kitty a contract to ensure she is treated the way you want her to be - ie, no declawing, proper vet care, if for some reason they cannot kepp her - they notify you, those kinds of things.

There are some very nasty evil people out there who wlll even show up with children claiming to seeka cat if it is offered for free. They are called bunchers and they then sell the cat to a UDSA sancitoned middleman who seels her to a lab for experiements. I heard last week of a family weho advertised their entire litter and the mother was thrilled that all 4 of the babies had been adopted by one man. The older daughter discovered the man was a buncher but it was too late- they had already bern sold to a lab and were even out of state. And as a minor, the police told her it was her mother's call.

Also,people who obtain "free" cats tend not to think about vet care and good food and those sort of things. There ARE lots of good people mind you but those are the dangers. Then there are the just really sick ppl who do weird things but most of these people will not if they have to pay for the cat. You did spay her and she is IS valuable to you!!! I would charge at least $25 or leave it negotiable until you investigate the family.
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