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Stray cat problem...

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Hi.. I've got a problem with a stray cat. I'm not sure if it's my neighbour's cat, but she sure hangs out in my garden a lot.

The cat comes over to my garden and shits everywhere. Not to mention she's vomitted a few times .. and it stinks like hell.

My latest problem is that the cat keeps on sleeping on all my cars. This is becoming very irritating because she spoils the paint on the car with dirt/scratches.

Any ideas on how to prevent this cat from sleeping on my cars??

PLease help. Thanks.
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Perhaps you could ask your neighbor if it is indeed their cat or not.

Cats don't like the smell of citrus, so perhaps spraying that on the areas she is using for her litter box would help. I've also seen stuff in stores that is for keeping pets out of gardens and the like. I've never tried it, but maybe someone else here has and can tell you if it works.

I'm sure they'll be other members with many more suggestions. Its early here, and I can't think of anything else for you.
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There is a product out that is a sprinkler but it is a motion detector and it only goes off when something low to the ground triggers it. I can't recall what the name is though. It is early and before coffee. My neighbor uses it to keep all my cats out of his garden, I am thinking it is called The Scrambler? But it is very effective, and the water comes on when it is triggered, other than that is just stays inside the hose. Maybe someone here knows the right name for it? I would ask my one neighbor, but he hates my cats so therefore doesn't speak to me which is fine with me. In my book, there is something wrong with you if you hate any type of animal!
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Someone else mentioned the water sprayer on another message board. Its a great idea... but alot of places have a drought right now, if you were to use something like that you could get fined
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I think it would be a good idea to call around your neighborhood and see if anyone owns this cat. I really hope it is getting some food and water somewhere.

I don't have much problem with my cats sitting on my cars, but once in awhile they do, and when I see it, I just go take them off, and tell them NO, and they usually get the hint.

PS....Your plants might grow really good with all that free fertilizer!!! :LOL:
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