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I am not fit so I don't really like my guy to be really muscular. It makes me feel really fat! I like a guy who is taller and a little heavier than me. And I think REALLY muscular men are kinda gross...
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the most important thing for me is, he has to have a sense of humour then be intelligent, sweet and caring but he also has to be blokey

i don't go for really skinny men or body builder types, i like taller than me with a bit of muscle and extra pounds, someone cuddly and strong
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I dated a body builder once.
I could never get over the 'completely devoid of body hair' thing.
I died of laughter every time I caught him shaving.
Used to tell him he should seriously consider getting a Brazilian wax job

Yes, I'm kinda evil.

body builders gross me out and what's with that tan? they end up looking like an orange
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To be honest I don't go for men because of there looks, I go for what is in side...there personality.

So as to looks, i don't really care because to me its the inside that matters the most. And when you fall in love with them because of them you love the way they look too because you love them. If that makes any sense.....
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That makes perfect sense.
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This question is hard. I mean I guess I havea type but my type options weren't listed!! I have only dated tall guys (6 ft or taller) with blue or green eyes. I also tend to go for the lean semi muscular to muscular guys. I also like dark brown or black hair. That is only based on looks though!! Personality is a whole other poll and thread!!
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Looks aren't a biggy for me. All the men I dated before my hubby were totally different types. From a large balck man, to a scrawny white boy, throw in a short stumpy Italian and a average Philipino and you have quite the meneargerie (sp?). How I ended up with Scotsman who is shorter then I am, yet very strong, edging to overweight I don't know.

The important things were our commonalities.
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I have a real thing for the men with the few extra pounds The muscle doesn't worry me too much, I just like something to cuddle! And preferably cuddle me back I'm mostly attracted to men who are funny, relaxed, not overly-houseproud, loves cats... I like the ones who are really sweet and don't think twice about using pet names. My attraction to the Scandinavians.... I've no idea where I get that from!! Runs in the blood I think
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