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What have you accomplished today?

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Just wondering. I've got a little over an hour until quitting time and aside from playing around on TCS (always a good thing), I've mostly spent the day contemplating how much work I have to get done before the end of the week.

Has anyone been more productive than me today? It wouldn't take much!
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Nope, no productivity here, coming up on my hour of power though LOL I can almost do a whole day's worth of work in an hour if I really buckle down... and stay away from here!
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I think you've got me beat on productivity. Can't seem to concentrate today...too worried about Lucky. (that and thinking about my friday deadline to get this paper done...sigh)

Hopefully someone comes on who accomplished something!
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Let me see. I put through about 10 orders today. I have a stack of paperwork for filing and mathcing but I will do it in the morning!
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I typed some orders on the computer, then balanced by bank statement
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I got up, took my little sister to school, took a shower, took Twitch to the vet, ate lunch, took the dogs to the vet, & now I'm here! All in all, I'd say I got nothing accomplished!
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Well....spent quality time here of course!

Actually - I have gotten alot of work done, but also I am playing telephone tag with alot of clients. I have approved more people for benefits then I have denied today which is a good thing for them!
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I've actually been quite productive today!

I've got my accountant down @ the main building caught up on the finances up here in the shop, got the vender invoices up to date, customer billing done for the next 2 days and lots of estimates faxed and ordered!

Tomorrow is payday, my busiest day of the month - so I'm trying to get a lot done today - so now I'm working on the tech's paychecks, getting times added up and balanced so tomorrow isn't so horrible

I'm proud that I got stuff done today!
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I cleaned out and reorganized the entire kennel area, much needed!!! I feel so good about it!
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I made coffee, I made breakfast, I fed and watered the animals, I made coffee, I made popcorn, I made coffee.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I made coffee, I made breakfast, I fed and watered the animals, I made coffee, I made popcorn, I made coffee.
Did you also drink the coffee? If you did you are probably going to have to add gone to the bathroom to that list!
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I went on a walk with a friend and did a load of laundry

I woke up with a severe kink in my back (shoulder blade). It's really hindering me from doing anything. It hurts to take a deep breath. I need to go to the grocery store, but I know I won't be able to shower, get dressed and do my hair etc.
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Oh I've gone many, many times
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