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Damita is loosing some hair??

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Now that I think I have Twitch straightened out, I have been speding more time with Damita & Chico, the fosters. I noticed Damita's hair was funny.....

Here's the whole story. Damita got spayed a little over a month ago. She is finally starting to grow in a little hair, while Lily got spayed after Damita & has grown all of her hair back in. I thought it was weird that Damita was growing her hair in so slowly, but though nothing of it. Damita is speical. Now, I noticed that Damita has a strip about 1/2" wide & 1 1/2" long that the hair is thinner under her chin. She sheds a lot, too, but I thought that was loosing her winter coat. She was living outside, after all.

Does this sound like ringworm? I sure as heck hope not. That means that every cat that came through our house could be infected. That includes the 3 resident housecats, plus the 7 outside cats, Tabitha who is in the house now, & the 14 surrenders! Could this be an allergy? Her litter is dusty, I have been using Tidy Cats or Arm & Hammer.

Since it is lent, I have Tuesday night church(stations of the cross) that I am going to skip tonight. Dad will be furious, but I cannot take Damita to the vet to be treated unless someone from the HS OKs it. I am going to take her tonight to see what they think. Then I can take Damita to the vet that I use for Twitch. She's good with skin/fur stuff.

Any ideas on what this could be? There is ringworm in the HS & there was a stray outside with patchy fur, but he's gone now & I never caught him to find out why. Damita could have been in contact with him.
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Silly question is she eating from a platic bowl??

does she have any sores if so what do they look like??

Obviously I hope that the HS allows a vet visit
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She is eating from a plastic bowl. I thought about the possiblity of that being her problem, but the hair is thinning behind her ears, too. There aren't any sores. The HS cannot afford to let me take her to the vet. They have to test 11 kitties for FeLV today & euthanize the ones that test positive. I asked if we could pay to take her to the vet & they told me to wait & see. I just want to take her to the vet! They gave me some Conofite cream to put on the affected areas. I just wish she wasn't in our basement(carpeted). I am considering asking about getting some Fulvicin to treat her, but I don't want to give that to her unless I know she has ringworm! I'll never get it cleaned if she has ringworm. I don't think Chico's hair is thinning.

I did take Ophelia to the vet this morning to get her checked as she lives with Damita & Chico. She doesn't have ringworm as far as the vet can tell.
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I am of little to no help.. but try a non plasctic dish and if you can add some olive fish or flax oil to her diet
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Ringworm is crusty and scaley. It will also glow under a black light if held within a few inches from the affected areas. Ointment for foot fungus will work to clear it up as long as you trim the fur around it.

Bathing the cat and using a surgical scrub sponge will also help.
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