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Baby Einstien videos and DVDs

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Ok - all of you with young kids out there - do you watch any of these? I think they are absolutely fabulous. I think we own the entire set. Kevin doesn't like any tv except for these videos and car commercials. He is fascinated by the ones with the animals especially (Baby Noah, Baby MacDonald, World Animals and Neighbourhood Animals). You should see him growl like a lion when the lions come on.

What do you think of them?
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I think they are awesome too! I don't have any children, but my mom has done Daycare for 16 years and she loves them too - the kids have always enjoyed them much more than the cartoons on TV. I do believe she has the entire collection!

I know I'll be investing in them when I have children!
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I haven't seen them, but my Mom told me they were really great. And if my Mom says something it must be true. She buys them for my nephew.
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I don't have kids, but have watched them with my niece and nephews. It's so fun to see how they react to the images. They've been entertained for hours!
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ANything that teaches young children about the instruments of the orchestra (which is an appreciationg I firmly believe can only benefit them in life...they need exposure to classical music and instruments!) is totally awesome in my book!
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I have a friend with young children who turned me on to Baby Einstein.
They are mesmerizing.
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I don't have any children, but everytime I see one of those videos and books I have to say, "awww!" They are so cute!! If I ever have any children I will be buying those.
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Brandon likes them too. He's just starting to really get into them. I think they're great.
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Don't get the new Baby Einstein dvd - On the Go. it shows unsafe water safety. Children in boats with no life jackets!

I have just sent them the following e-mail!

Good day,

I am a mother of a 13 month old son. I own most, if not all, of your Baby Einstein DVDs. I have recently purchased your Baby Einstein On the Go DVD that explores things that go on land, water and in the air. My concern is with the water section. I find it very irresponsible of your company to show video images that promote unsafe water craft conduct. The majority of the people enjoying water sports in the DVD are not using life jackets. And that includes children.

These are not the images I want my child to remember so that when we are on the boat in the summer he doesn't want to wear his life jacket. Can you explain to me why you would choose to show such negligant behaviour? I now have concerns purchasing future products in case such safety violations are again evident.

Can you reassure me that I will not need to be concerned about these types of problems in future DVDs.

Thank you,

A concerned mother,

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