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The nicest thing......

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My sweetie belongs to a forum for Goldwing motorcycle riders. It is even more active than TCS if you can believe it. (I was amazed!) Anyway there is a disabled veteran that also belongs that had his bike stolen recently. It was not insured for theft, and there was no way that this guy could ever have afforded another bike since he is on a fixed income, and would never be able to ride again. Another member had a nice, older Goldwing that he was selling for $1500. He knocked off $500 dollars and the other members pitched in and bought this bike for this disabled vet. He said that there was no way he could accept such a generous gift, but was told that he had no chioce, and it was dropped off at his house on what just so happened to be his birthday. I was so happy we were able to pitch in for such a nice thing for a man that served America proudly!
Doesn't hearing something so nice just make your day?
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That is amazing I love hearing stories like this. I always wish we could hear about things like this a little more often in the news instead of all the bad things.
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That is so heartwarming!
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It is just those kind of things that make you all warm and fuzzy inside!
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Originally Posted by adymarie
It is just those kind of things that make you all warm and fuzzy inside!
Thanks for sharing!
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That's wonderful!
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That is so cool! And what great timing too, to have it delivered on his birthday.
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Great story! Shows that not there are some wonderful people still hanging around!
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That is really cool.
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That was a wonderful thing you all did!
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Oh that is so awesome I could cry!
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Wow - that DOES make my day
What a wonderful thing to do!!
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I am glad there are still people like that in this world!! Its amazing the bond you can have amongst strangers that have common interests.
Thanks for sharing this story!!!!
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Neat! People are doing wonderful things every day -- too bad we as a society have such an appetite for the horrific that we don't get to hear more of these wonderful stories. That was a wonderful project you contributed to.
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