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Yes, she and Tolly are Singapuras and they were both full of Singapura spirit today - Daddy-bean had loads of boxes out sorting out our 20 years of accumulated treasure as we look ahead to a possible house move. This set their Singapura blood racing and they were charging through the house, in and out of every box.......well..... you have Bengals, I'm sure you get the picture
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Right on cue, Lily decided to tear through the house with her tail puffed out chasing her brother today. Of course, I only got the camera out and switched on in time for the end of it, but you'll get the idea

Here you can just see how puffed out her tail is - that manic look in her eyes means Tolstoy's in for trouble
Wow that is a manic look! I wouldn't want to be Tolstoy
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This is Coco. Her tail actually isn't fluffed here - it just looked like that all the time.

She was a very sweet cat, towards humans, but unfortunately we were unable to make this home Coco's forever home because she continuously viciously attacked my cats. She had to be adopted out into a home where she was an only child, but I hear she is adapting well and is happy.
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I was looking through some old pictures ("old" as in November, lol) and found a couple of tail puff pics that I didn't realize I had. They aren't playful tail puffs, Molly was terrified about something, probably Jake (my dog)

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Great pics!

Aussie_Dog - I like your siggy.
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Here's one of Gracie I got last night, she and the dog were chasing each other.

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LOL-yes the tail puffs are so funny! Currently all I have is Lily and she was being silly, and turned around as I was snapping her pic and her tail looked like this:

She reminds me of a skunk or a squirrel!!
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Great pics!!

Here's Timmy, he is 3 months old and has seen a dog passing by:

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what a cutie! Those are so cute!
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Unfortunately, I have really horrible timing, but here's my attempt to catch Frankie and Rishi during their poofy tail moments...they are starting to un-poof at this point.

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Its hard to take pics of my cat's tail.. i'll try to find one better.
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