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Maaaaaan I feel rotten!

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ah man.... I can't believe my last few weeks.. I came down with shingles and couldn't get medical help (fortunately that cleared up on it's own, thankyou Mr Doctor man) I've just suffered my period for the last two weeks and on top of that, NOW I've got a really heavy head-cold! Rune and I have been at eachother's throats over this time too because I'm not well and he's stressed out and we've either had too much time together or not enough, depending on other obligations.... I'm about ready to give up and go back to bed! I've had enough and I don't wanna play any more!!! WAAAAAAAA!!!!
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Oh so it was shingles you had the other week, because i asked if it could be. And you've had your "friend" for 2 weeks!!!
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yeah it was - I tried for a week to get my doctor to see me. I explained I was in pain all the time and the rash was spreading, but they woudln't see me for a week. So I went to an emergency room and sat for 3 ½ hours to be told I'd have to wait at least another 4... tried a second emergency room who did at least have the decency to tell me that their waiting list was horrendous due to an incoming traffic accident... tried my doctor again and by the time my original appointment finally rolled around my body had pretty much given up waiting for help nd just rounded it all up itself. I did have a few nights of fever and chills and throwing up and whatnot which was no fun... so I did give my doctor an earful when I finally saw him. Bleck.
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I would be trying to find anohter doctor. If you are in pain and have a serious problem he or she should have seen you asap!!
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there's no point in seeing as doc now, its gone (you missed it hun) I've jsut got the head cold now ....
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Just to make sure everythings cleared up.
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I've been. It's gone! It was gone before my appointment came around.
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I know. But in that case I would have been calling another doctor. Its crazy that you were in pain and suffering and he wouldn't see you.
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At least your shingles broke out in a rash. A friend of mine has had it since January and the rash hasn't broke out yet. She is in almost constant pain.
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Oh gosh!!, what a terrible time you've had. I've heard that shingles are very painful.
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well no wonder why youve been at Runes throat for the last two weeks, your hormones must be going wild!
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I feel your pain - being sick sucks!
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