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feline mammary tumors

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i don't know how to start this thread so please bear with me. i am currently away from home so i don't know how bad the situation is about my cat.

anyway, beanie (one of my fave cat) was diagnosed with mammary tumors today. i got the BAD news from my mom today, telling me that they rushed beanie to the vet for her to get seen. at first i didn't think it could be that bad. but when i googled for feline mammary tumors, the prognosis doesn't seem good! this is really devastating.

beanie still hasn't been biopsied, but they've given her an injection of testosterone, just to see if her tumors will shrink in size (i hope so!). beanie is a spayed, DSH furball. she was spayed when she was about 4-5 mos. of age and she is about 17 mos. old. i can't believe the odds of her getting (possible) mammary cancer! i mean, she's spayed before her 1st estrus and she's too young to have cancer.

i am hoping against hope that she's going to pull through. she's having the biopsy done in 2 weeks' time. i really hope it turns out benign. i can't stand losing beanie this fast. i want to say goodbye if it turns out she really does have cancer!

anyway, i'll keep you guys posted. i am also looking for other cat owners who had to undergo this unfortunate battle.
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Oh dear ... I will be holding you both very close to my heart and in my thoughts.

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I am so sorry, I will keep your kitty in my thoughts, for a positive outcome.

I've had two cat experiences with mammary tumors, one did turn out to be cancer that had spread, one turned out to be a degenerative cyst.
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I have everything crossed. I did some research on this when I came across it with a cat (she was 14 and unspayed), and the normal age is 10, so I am hoping the biopsy is benign for yours. I did write an article that is posted on here, can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, but can re-post for you.
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Stephanie, I am praying for Beanie
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Thanks everyone. I would appreciate it Booktigger if you could repost your article for me.

Yayi- QT looks so much like Beanie in that picture.
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Here is a scan of the article (it was printed in my local rescues newsletter). Hope you can read it.

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