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Feline Leukemia?

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An online friend of mine had gone away for a few weeks and left her kitty with a friend. And I guess they didn't realize at that point that their cat had Feline Lekemia, as I doubt they would ahve brough a healthy cat into the home. Anyway.. now my friend isn't sure how long after a cat has come in contact with a cat that has Feline Leukemia, can the test be taken?
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The best thing would be to call the vet and ask. I know there are two different tests one just checks for exposure and only takes a few minutes that one could probably be done now. The other one checks for the actual disease and I don't know how long you have wait before having that one done.
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Take an Elisa immediately, then in 2-3 months do what's called an IFA. THe Elisa will test for exposure to the disease; many cats can at that point successfully ward the virus off (most healthy adults can, actually). The IFA will test to see if the disease has been fought off by the cat's immune system or if it has spread to the bone marrow. If there's a positive IFA within 3 months of exposure, chances are the cat will become a persistent shedder of the virus and should at that point be separated from healthy cats as a precaution. FeLV+ adults can live for years with the virus before showing symptoms if they are given proper supplementation, diets, vet care, etc...kittens have a more bleak prognosis.
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Edit: Ignore what I said. FIV is ok to keep cats together, FelV is very contagious.
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