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What are your goals if you're willing to share?

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Right now I have a ton of short term and long term goals and well since I like to talk to people I feel that maybe I can list 'em all out and see if it helps relieve some stress and possibly even help me remember things a little better. Plus maybe some of you guys can even use my routine on this and even give some advice as to how to achieve these better.

-Bring up grades and pass this quarter.
-Stay ahead during next semester.
-Find a job ASAP.
-Save money for plane ticket to New York
-Make up school hours
-Book in extra hours so that I don't fall behind when I go to New York.
-Try to get ahead in all computer classes so that I don't fall behind when I go to New York.

Those are my goals for now and I'm sure there's more to come!

I dont' know why but it just always seems to help me better when I tell people my goals..maybe it's because since they know what they are they are looking forward to me achieving them and if I was to fail I'd feel like I let them down.
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Let me share a story with you, it's long but i'll shorten it dramaticly.

When I was 17 I ran away from my dads house in el paso and came back to houston (for personal reasons i wont go into) to live with my best friend. That was a bad situation so i decided to live with my mom, and **** hit the fan and she kicked me out. (this was in a 6 month period)

My boyfriend (whos now my fiance) had to leave his family, to come and get me. His dad had strict rules about people staying at his house. So we lived in the car for about 3 weeks until we got our apartment.

He was working part-time making 6.50/hr and our rent alone was 450. We had one car and he took me to school and picked me up. Well i started skipping school a lot because of severe depression, and i didnt want anything to do with anyone except my cats. So they transferred me to night school. I got a full time job worked from 6 am - 3 pm and went to school from 4 pm until 10 pm...

If it werent for Dimas, i would have been out on the streets, and wouldn't have gotten my high school diploma.

Today we are both working full time, and have a 2 bedroom apartment and 4 beautiful cats.

But i'll give you this advice...if you DESPERATE for a job, I don't know where you live, but call centers (like telemarketing) are great. They have decent pay, and are usually pretty flexible.

I've been in your situation where I was failing, and even though you're in college and my experience was with high school it's still something you just have to sit down and do, and once it's all over, you'll be relieved, and proud of yourself.

I hope that gives you somewhat of an insperation...
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I'm in highschool and I don't plan on moving out anytime soon.
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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl
I'm in highschool and I don't plan on moving out anytime soon.
ah, I understand, but just realize, life hits you hard, you have to fight back I guess that was my point...

I know, that if I can get through everything i've been through. You can get through this. No matter how hard. Just have faith
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My plans are as follows.

-Get well.
-Make business plans for own cattery
-Hold up bank to get money for own cattery (kidding)
-Forge business partnership with colleague who is interested in helping me AND has a project of his own I'm interested in.
-survive 2006.

Anything over that and I've no idea yet!! As long as I can have my market research and business plans done by the end of the year I'm happy!
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My goals
-get back into college
-lose 15 pounds by christmas
-decide what I really want to go to school for
-up my bowling average by atleast 65 points in the next 2 or 3 months

That is about it right now!
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Hmmm my goals, that's a good question

I guess my number one goal is to get myself righted financially, after the divorce my money situation took an extreme nose dive. I'm almost there, I have a couple more outstanding bills that need to be paid and then I can use the money to get the things I need (a Couch!!! and my car maintenance taken care of)
My second goal would be to start eating helathier and get my bootay off the couch
And third, but this probably won't be possible for awhile, start saving more for the long term, like open an IRA or start investing in mutual funds
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Short term - get moved and settled on my new farm

Long term - Quit smoking, lose weight and make my farm successful
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I've just finished so many... Got my BS in Computer Science minor Physics.. Got a full-time job GlaxoSmithKline... Starting my cattery.. I've always worked to hard to get to this point and now that I am what are my goals?

I have more than I thought! In order:

Get Meeka through her first pregnancy! Yay! 4 weeks left!
Get married in June!
Go back for a Masters in BioInformatics starting in Fall (just got accepted!).

Get a house
Go for a trip to fiance's relatives in Australia (with his family)
Go for a trip with friends to Italy
Have a baby, maybe two
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Short term - stay at work long enough to get enough hours to qualify for a new maternity benefit claim
- Have a healthy new baby on May 5th.
- Have a safe c-section on May 5th.
- Recover quickly from said c-section
- confront my mother about something that has been bothering me for a long time
- buy a new car/SUV or minivan

Long term - survive as a mother of 2 boys less then 15 months apart.
- be a good mother
- be a good wife, while being a good mother.
- come back to work and get fully trained in my new job
- buy a new house
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Short Term
Get a new job
Buy a house

Long Term

Get married
Have babies
Harness train my cats
Fix my relationship with my Dad
stay healthy
get another tattoo
Go to uni
Make some of my OWN money
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Short Term
- Keep taking care of Mom ( it gets harder by the day)
-Take care of my finned and four legged kids
- Call this guy( grandson of one of moms freinds) for coffee, but what after that??
-Look deep within and see if I can manage anyone but me ( God has this one)
- At least maintain my health which aint great but I am alive
- OOPS I forgot louse (sp?) more wt and exercise
Long term
-Figure out how to cure myself( did it once but have to do it again)
-Go back to school ( my brain is bored )
- Figure out what I want to be when i grow up
-Grow up
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I love looking at everyone's goals!!, good luck to everyone for the short and long term!!
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I really only have one main goal right now....I made a goal on Jan 1st of this year to lose 40 pounds....I have already lost 20 so I am half there!! I am not a long term goal person...I usually make small short term goals...
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-Lose 15 pounds
-Stay sober
-Find a job for this summer
-Finish school
-Figure out how to make friends that don't suck.
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Originally Posted by Alaynna
I really only have one main goal right now....I made a goal on Jan 1st of this year to lose 40 pounds....I have already lost 20 so I am half there!! I am not a long term goal person...I usually make small short term goals...
Wow! that's so great!! Congrats!
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short term:
- write my 3 research papers and movie/book review (all of them due in two weeks )
- talk more with that guy in my class (and figure out if he likes me )
- if he does like me, my goal is not to screw up
- maintain my sanity (it's a though one lately)
- do my tax return

long term
- maintain my grades
- get into grad school
- make more friends
- get a life!

that's all I can think about right now.
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-To have some sort of an occupation in the music industry that requires me to have the degree that I'm paying $80,000 to get. Preferably, a performance kind of a job.

However, it's really sort of nerve wracking to not know if/how/when/what that job will come/be. Music is a right place at the right time kind of an industry more than anything.
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My life goals are to finish the next three years of university and then get a job teaching. I would like to move to a acreage outside a smaller town and buy a house and car, start a rescue barn and raise my son well, perhaps have 2 more children and get old with my husband. I'd like to work with at risk youth.
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My goals, realistic or not:
Find perfect man, get married and have 1 or 2 kids. Buy mini farm.
Quit full time job, keep pet sitting business but eventually fade out and just own and run it, not work it. Full time mom.
After kids are older and in school, take photography and landscaping classes.
Possibly start other business doing that.
Through it all, own and love as many animals as I can!!
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I'm glad this question was asked; I think we all need to set goals and I haven't done that in a long time.
I'm not sure what goals I really have or how important they are but here goes:

-be a better leader at work, not just a "boss"
-buy a house
-visit family more often
-take more "me" time & relax

don't know how realistic a goal this is, since I'm starting from scratch b/c of divorce, but
-have a kid (one day?! if my eggs don't dry up and blow away first)
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Ahh, so much I want to do and so little patience and money to do it all... here goes mine:

Short term (defining ST as within the next few months):
-get a PT job to save up money for living and the next thing on list:
-locate and buy a small cheap old school bus (preferably gas & automatic, not diesel & clutch)
-keep packing little things away for move in August.
-FINISH MY &%#$#@ NOVEL!!!
-and continue working on the SECOND novel.

Long term (after next three months):
- hopefully attend writing intensive in Minnesota
-fix up old bus: i.e. gut it and put some sort of storage in there... affix cargo net partway back so kitties will be safe during trip
-End of August: move to Oregon, preferably Portland. Visiting family and friends along the way. Great aunt and great uncle have been bugging me for nearly three years to come visit them in their summer abode in Wisconsin.
-Get settled in Portland.
-Find writing groups and maybe a little romance in new home.
eventually take bus dwon to Bay Area and load up my books and other stuff from parent's house and haul back to new home.
send out query letters to agents for kids book (about a cat) and the novel I'm nearing completion on...

Is that enough? I probably have a few more roaming around somewhere...

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Short term:
Shed my "winter" fat and get moving around more instead of sitting on computer.
Paint the kitchen
Organize books

Long term:
Find more clients for my business
Redo the landscaping , between the house and workshop, and front yard
Install water feature by garden shed
Get back on knitting
Help DH re-storing tractor????
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
Wow! that's so great!! Congrats!

Thank you
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Umm mine is to get my license with in a few months.. I am just gathering money for it because its expensive here..

Lose my fat

apply for permanent australian residency...
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I like to keep my short-term and long-term goals related. It helps me be focused on what's important. Here are a few of mine.

Short term: Keep on top of my laundry by doing at least two loads per week. Long term: Always have my house company-ready. Really it's ridiculous that I haven't mastered that already ...

Short term: Eat out less than once per week and walk every evening. Long term: Lose 40 pounds and KEEP IT OFF.
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