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moving the litterbox

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(if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it!)

the kitties are finally free in the house! after four weeks of eye drops and an all clear on the stool sample, we've turned them loose!

i've put a litterbox in the laundry room...this is where i want them to ultimately go.

i'm transitioning them out of our guest bedroom, but they still use that litterbox, and haven't taken to the new one, yet.

any suggestions? it's the same litter, and i've taken each cat to the new box and placed them in it, so they know it's there. roxy has used it a few times, but continues to use the old box upstairs. they spend the majority of their time downstairs, in the family room...the same floor as the laundry room, so it's not like it's an inconvenience to them. if anything, going up two flights is the inconvenience! lol

how do i get them there? how long should the transition take, ideally and realistically? thanks for the help!
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Maybe it could work like paper training a puppy - keep moving the old litter box closer to the new one, a little more every day.
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I have read that litter boxes should be moved a little at a time. I am fortunate probably because I knew next to nothing about cats when I got mine as kittens I can pretty much put the litter boxes anywhere and they will find them. They probably got used to me doing things the wrong way when they were kittens and have adapted.
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that's kind of what i thought. i'll just keep creeping it towards the stairs, little by little. (not looking forward to the day that it's in the kitchen, on the way down another flight).
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