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Opinion please

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I found this website that sells only natural remedies and products for animals. I know there are lots of plants that are poisonous to cats. Can someone check out their products and tell me their opinion, if they sound like they would be safe to use for cats and/or dogs?

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I believe in the holistic approach combined with conventional medicine for both animals and people. Unfortunately I don't know enough about it to attempt it on my own. I looked into using a holistic vet but he was a little too expensive for me. So I guess the only advice I can give is to be very careful and if you can to seek out the advice of a holistic vet.
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Best thing you can do is if thinking about a product ... put that on the site and ask ... The best thing to do is find a vet that practices holistic or natural vet care ... I am lucky my vet does conventional and holistic and once a week a just holistic vet comes in ...
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This is just my opinion of course. Although there are plants that are potentially poisonous for cats herbal remedies are not likely to be made from them, in the same way that there is much plant life that is poisonous for us humans yet we eat vegetables, vegetation and take herbal remedies.

Same too with drugs. There are many that will harm both our pets and ourselves, yet we take the right drugs for the right reasons in the right amount.

I think natural remedies are fine for pets if, of course, obtained from a bona fide supplier, and administered in the recommended amount.
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