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similar weights???

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Just wondering...I have a 10 month old kitty that weights one pound less than my 2 year old cat! The 10 month old, Cleopatra, weighs 9 pounds, but when I pick her up, she feels a lot lighter than Noah, my 2 year old. When I weighed them both today, I was surprised to find out that Cleopatra weighs 9 pounds and Noah weighs 10 pounds. I know Cleo is the first to the food bowl when I feed them, and she is always hungry it seems! I can still feel her ribs though, so she isn't overweight. I just thought it was funny, and a bit shocking!!!! ?Is this a normal weight for a 10 month old?? Is she out of her kitty years soon???
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If Cleo isn't overweight then she just may be built bigger. Just like us, kitties have different builds.

Fallon will be 3 in the fall and she weighs in at a hefty 6 pounds while Xavier who will be 2 in July weighed 9 pounds when he went to the vet's. She is a much smaller cat and has very petite features while Xavier is a taller, longer cat.
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I have an 8 months old cat that weighs 11 pounds, and a 3 year old cat that weighs 8.5 pounds. Both are in ideal shape. The older one, Poppy, is a petite yet bunchy cat; I call it the "bunny build". Spidey, the baby, is a very long and muscular cat. You can tell he's gonna be really big! He has an atletic build.
The guidelines according to my vet are if you can feel the ribs fairly easily and if you stand over them you can see a little waist, they are in good shape.
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I have a 2 yr. old bengal who weighs 12.5 lbs - he is not a big cat but his is pure muscle.
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I have two cats, one is 16 pounds and the other hasn't been weight but my estimation is that she is around 6 pounds as she is quite small in stature.

Cats seem to come in all sizes!
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