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First bumps & sniffs

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nose bumps and butt sniffs that is -- Rocket and the new guy. New guy's cold is all over, and after a couple days of the crack-in-the-door routine, Rocket was ready to go in the new guy's room. Nose bumps and butt sniffs by both parties; Rocket looks disinterested; new guy wants to play and rushes at Rocket; Rocket hisses at the new guy!!

So we try it again a couple more times with a couple hours cooling off in between, and it seems to be making progress with going smoother. I had to intercede a couple times -- once when the new guy looked like he was about to pounce on Rocket, and once when Rocket was up on the new guy's window perch and hissed at him when he tried to come up. I'm a little disappointed that Rocket isn't more friendly to the new guy, but he initially hissed at Tommy and they ended up being best buds. And it's encouraging that the new guy takes the hissing in stride.
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Sounds like New Guy could be his name?
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New guy looks ready to be pals, his moves look pretty friendly to me. Rocket is still a bit edgy, but it looks very promising. Congratulations!
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That's great! Sounds like things are progressing GREAT!
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