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My new foster kitty!

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Here are pics of my newest foster girl. Her first pic, still hiding in the carrier. I told her to get used to the flash, because this is just the beginning of me taking too many pics of her and her family!

She was found outside a shelter in Chicago, and this is a pic shortly after dd pet her for the first time. The kitty began to purr SO LOUD when dd pet her, and when dd pulled her hand away a little, the kitty reached out to hold hands!

Is she a sweetie, or what?!? And doesn't she look a LOT like my beloved Festus?!? Festus is just as round as the preggers girl, but luckily hers is just pudge, no babies! LOL!
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She quickly moved from the carrier to the cage, which is covered with beach towels, etc, so it is kind of cave like. She has come out briefly for cuddles, food and the litterbox, but obviously has not been a house cat.

The housecat fosters always curl up in one of the chairs in the room. She has staked out the cage as her safe zone. She no longer hides her face when we come in. But she is still staying mostly in the cage, as far as I can tell.

Here is a close up so you can see her color.

Here is a pic of Festus for comparison. Festus has spots on her side, and the new kitty is more flecked with color. Festus has an orangey background, where new kitty is tannish. But honestly, they could be sisters!

Festie stretched out, showing her spots.
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She's a gorgeous girl! I can definitely see the resemblance between her and Festus.
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Oh she is just beautiful! She will have pretty babies for sure!
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She is such a beautiful girl!
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Awwwww that picture of her holding hands is so sweet, it just shows she has some confidence in you all, bless her little heart
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what a doll can't wait to see those babies
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She is beautiful.
I will look forward to following her progress.
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We have kittens!
I'll post pics later when I get a chance. We have 5 healthy kittens, and one who is weaker. As soon as I can post more info I will.
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Congrats on the kitties!!!

She is so pretty and has such a sweet face. It won't be long before she realizes how lucky she is.
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