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Still in shock, but okay

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The storms that struck Springfield, Illinois last night (my home town) hit here first. For the most part, we were very lucky. I am still trying to accept the magnitude of the damage in Springfield, though. This is where I shop, my mother and father live, I grew up, etc. So, it's very close to home.
My parents are both fine. At my mom's she lost two huge old blue spruce trees, but they managed to miss her house. My dad lives on the other end of town, and there wasn't much damage there. The tornado seemed to take a path just a few blocks from my mother's, though.
It was just me here with my four year old son, so I kept a very close eye on the weather. There wasn't much sleep. We did head for the basement around 2 a.m., when the whole house began to shake and penny-sized hail started pelting the windows. The power was out for around 12 hours, but is on again now. Springfield is not as fortunate, there are many areas still without electricity tonight.
If there is a good side to all of this, it is the fact that the warnings came early. Although the destruction was great, there were only minor injuries. Some people have lost their homes, some businesses will never reopen. The most important thing is that everyone is unhurt. Material things can be replaced, but my heart is with everyone in my home town who endured these storms. I'd appreciate everyone saying an extra prayer for Springfield and its surrounding areas, as well. Thanks so much.
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Oh! I'm glad you are ok, but very sad for the people who have lost things. But you are right, material things can be replaced. My prayers are with thoes who have lost....
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oh my gosh. I am so glad to hear that you and your family are safe!

how incredibly scary that must have been for you
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Prayers and to you! I'm glad you're ok though!
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Hugs and prayers coming your way. I was out of touch with the news this weekend , so didn't know this had happened. Thank goodness you're okay!
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Glad your alright and many prayers and good vibes for you and Springfield
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We don't get tornados like that where I live. I'm glad you and your family are okay. Prayers for the rest of the people in your home town too.
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I'm glad that you are okay, sending lots of vibes to everyone there
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How scary! We had a close call with a tornado that went over the house a few years ago, but it was during a patchy storm. The idea that there was so much damage in Springfield is scary! And Missouri, too!

Prayers that there will be no more deaths discovered as people clean up after the storms. Also for peace of mind for the people hit by such a tragedy!

And hugs to you and your son, Sunnicat!
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Glad you're ok...I heard from a college friend in Lawrence, KS, and she said they got hit really hard on Sunday morning...KU was closed today to clean up the damage on campus...
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So glad you and your son are ok, and your parents. Like you say material possessions can be replaced but it can still be very upsetting so I really feel for those affected by this.
Thinking of you all.
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This is so very scary! I'm so sorry this has happened to your home town. It's such a relief to know you, your son, kitties, and your parents are all safe and well. The individuals who have lost so much will be in my prayers.
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Living also in in The Land of Lincoln, we saw all the pics on the news. Tom Skilling (WGN), as usual, explained the storms with his long-winded (pun) and detail that makes him both lovable and totally annoying.

I heard 10 had died. Glad you made out relatively OK, but sad for those who lost more.

We got some very serious winds and thunderstorms the last couple days, and as I write this, the gusts are still blowing at 35-65mph. The top gusts are at the south side of the lake (Michigan, for those out of the area who need a reference) right now at nearly 100mph, and this is a full 24 hours later.

Video on the news always leaves a lot out, but stories such as yours are always a better 1st person account. Thanks for the story and accept my concern and sympathy for those less fortunate.
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Oh Ronda, that is very scary. Here in Ohio, we get the occasional tornado, but not as many as you guys in the midwest. I'm so glad to hear your family was spared for the most part.................let's hope the actual tornado season that starts soon is quiet and quickly over.
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WOW - I'm so glad you are safe!!
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