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The Real World TV Show

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I thought I'd start this thread, just in case anybody wants to talk about this show. I know a couple of us watch it, and thought there might be others. If not, that's okay....but we were discussing it in the Survivor thread, so I thought I'd give it it's own spot.

I feel so badly for Tanya, who is so very sick and can't afford her hospital bills.

Aneesa is so lazy and self centered, I am getting very tired of her!!

I think it is really cool what they are doing with those kids, helping them to make that mural...I think I spelled that wrong.

I was glad that Keri finally told Aneesa off on the last show!!!

Anybody else?
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I haven't watched The real world in a long time. I did watch the Hawaii series and after that I watched Road rules. I also watched the 2nd road rules/real world challange.

It's a good show with a unique concept but you have to watch the show from the begining to know what's going on or you're going to be totally confused.
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Actually this is the first one I have watched, although I did catch bits and pieces of the last one...my step-daughter always watched it when she was here, and got me hooked on it...so I have followed this one from the beginning!
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I feel bad for Tanya, too She has no family either, since she was a foster kid, so it must be really rough.

I keep waiting for Kerri & that guy to finally hook up... I think they'd make a cute couple.
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I get Keri and that other girl's names mixed up...Kara. The one who told Aneesa off is the one who jumps in bed with all the guys...is that Keri or Kara? I think it's Kara, and I said Keri in the first post. Oh well. I have trouble remembering their names, even though I watch it every week. :tounge2:
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