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Have you ever considered adding a chatroom? I think it would be fun to meet and talk "live" with the people we've met on here.

Or, if you like, you could (or I could, if you wanted!) set up a room in mIRC. That would probably be easiest.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi Jessica,

Yes, this idea has come up several times in the past. I decided not to have a chat for various reasons (basically, because it can't be moderated and the info is not collected).

What we did instead was add links at the bottom of each post to members' ICQ's and AIM, so that people can send each other private messages and engage in private chatting. I understand that you can also have group chat that way (haven't tried it myself).

Thanks for the feedback and for you offer to help - that's very kind of you!
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I need to get my ICQ going.... I do have an account, but it's under a different name. I need to re-register and use Tigger, if that is taken, maybe Tigger of 100 Acre Woods! I love to chat with people w/ the same interest!!
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That was the exact question that i wanted to ask...i would love to chat with people who have the same interest in cats as I have...I guess I need to go and change my profile for AIM??? Let me know. Thanks!!!
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Yes, for now chat will be through AIM or ICQ. You can add your handles to your profile.
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