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Finally, I have pics of the family to show!

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Here are some links to pics..btw if anyone could lend a hand with my signature, that would be great thanks.
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Awww, what cute lil kitties!
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You have very cute furbabies there!
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how old is the kitten on the last picture where its eye is opening because we have a small orphaned kitten that is 11 days tommorrow
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She's 10 days old and her eyes are just starting to open. Her sisters eyes haven't began to open yet and she's 2 weeks old today.
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*disgustingly gushy mode now on* Oooooh, little moosey moosey babies! They are so precious!

The whole eye opening thing can really vary from individual kitten to individual kitten ... some open faster or slower than others. Unless the eye looks gunky or gummed up with yellow or green crust/discharge, they are probably fine. If you do have a kitten where the eye is gunky, you can take a little piece of cotton gauze dampened with a little warm water and bathe the eye to ungunk it, but do not try to pry it open. The vet would need to prescribe an antibiotic treatment for a baby with gunky eyes.
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I checked the kittens again tonight. (they hide under my bed in the far corner so I have to pull my bed out to see them.) Both kittens are fully opened and they look good. They are two weeks old today.
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Are these the only two kittens she had? If so, they look like both blue points.
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Well their mom is a pure chocolate point and I was told that the father was too. I adopted Yen 2 weeks before she had her kittens. I think one may have chocolate points because she's really looking brown, but the other may be seal. I'm not sure yet.
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It is hard enough to tell when they are this little. Give it a couple of weeks and you should be easily able to identify their color points. The Seal Points IMO are the easiest and I find I can see that they are Seal Points the quickest. Blue Points are second easiest for me to identify, although I still give myself some extra time to see if they continue to darken - they might be Lilac Points *smile* But Chocolate Points, for me, are hard to tell for a while. I haven't seen many Chocolate Points as little kittens, so maybe that is why I find it more difficult.
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Oh I so agree with you Gayef - it seems not common to find a real chocolate point and many ppl, unless they are like you involved in breeding them fulltime and with good knowledge, confuse chocolate and Seal. Seal Pts are definitely the easiest and Blues the 2nd - b/c you can see the little blue pts in color endings. It is very unusual to have two chocolate pts I love Siamese so I imagine the registry and local show circuit where you live must be quite curious and anxious to see these babies - and if you are adopting them (I must apologize for not reading the whole thread), you may garner much interest in the Siamese community in which I assume you are quite involved. I have a tough time myself telling if one is a chocolate - I need to see the certificate and the predigree lines to be sure and even then I wonder. A dark Seal sometimes gets labelled a chocolate by unkowing people which can cause probs or at least is unfair to whoever purchases the kitten thinking they are getting a true chocolate point.

I rely on my mom who showed Siamese for several years though she never got into the breeding arena - it is a lot of work, all that paperwork and shows and ensuring the Queen is show quality and has all her rosettes or her grandmother or mother does (I forget the whole process, I was more of the gofer and reseacher with my mom and her friends and thus ended up volunteering in rescue, lol

Siamese Rescue in Va has found some chocolate points though - real ones, not just dark Seal Points. They go pretty quickly even the seniors - it is so sad when someone dies and leaves their kitties (and the rest of their family I suppose too but at least the humans know what is going on , the cats sometimes find themselves thru no fault of their own in a pound or shelter and meezers fare so poorly in shelters, sigh!! Especially when they are so scared and lonley and upet, poor babies!! I am fostering three baby meezers - 2 blues, one Deal, no Lilac or Chocolate I am afraid.

On the topic of meezers (is it OK to ask this in this thread - I do not want to hijack) - how do you guys feel about all these so called new types, like tabby points and flame pt. Flame Pt I think I can understand but I pretty much draw the line at the others - and here I thought I was so open to change. A tabby point meezer looks like a tabby to me - and I do love tabbies - but if you want a tabby, get a tabby, why do we have to have all these new categories? Or am I just being too traditionalist and need to get over it already? lol Thx.

btw, I love Siamese, your meezers are very cute tho I find it hard to say what they will be. One looks like a blue pt but the pictures were so small on my small laptop so that did not help. And a chocolate point can have many kinds of meezers so unless you have a Seal Pt, you won't know for a bit. I think you would need to know the pedigree three gnerations back to be able to begin with the computations and genetic variations but what do I know, lol I just quote my mom, lol
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Where I am from, siamese are very common, but the only color points recongized here are chocolate, seal and lilac. All the others are not considered true siamese I guess. While I am not involved in breeding (as I am having all 3 females fixed) I came across Yen by chance. Us common people around here who just want a siamese for a pet don't bother very much with papers and such, unless your involved with breeding and show quaility cats. My last chocolate point sam was a true ch.pnt, and Yen is a smaller version him. I can't argue it though, because she doesn't have papers, I think she was in a byb house before I adopted her and I have no way of knowing her family tree. I wish I could get better quality pictures onto here. Kitten A is getting darker as the days go by, but kitten B looks still very light, with purple tinge to her fur around ears and paws. They are very beautiful reguardless of if they are full anything or not, I'm not toooooooooooo concerned about it, but the last owner just said that the male was also (what looked to be) chocolate point, but who knows what his parents were so I don't know, just have to wait and see.
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With your signature, Just ask and post the links to your pictures in this forum and I'm sure a kind member will make you a great siggy.
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I hope so. sweetiecat3 is making my siggy. I am soooooo excited.
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