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What to do.

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I had no clue where to post this but i need to know other peoples thoughts and options on this.

I have a cat who i love, he is my baby, and acts just like one.

Lately he has had an allergy to fleas, where he has chewed off his fur. We had done frontline plus on all the other cats we have (we have 6 cats but can only put frontline on 5 since one is feral). But we have an inside/outside cat who brings in fleas. So there is no way to fully get rid of them.

I was thinking i might need to find him a permant home with a new family. Is the right thing to do? I know this will be harder on me then him but i just dont know if i want to up-root him after he has gotten comfortable to things here.
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If you keep the cat inside, it won't keep getting fleas.

Also, there is this neat stuff I used on Zissou when she was fresh off the streets that you could basically cover your house in without hurting anything: http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/Only_N...y_p/999012.htm
That's where I got it anyway, I'm sure you can find a similar thing other places. It dries up the fleas and they die instead of poisoning them via the cats bloodstream.

I wouldn't give the cat up if I were you! If someone wants a cat and then takes this guy instead of going to the shelter, well... Save another cats life! Plus the only problem is fleas, which he will still get if the new home lets him out too.
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Actually, my mothers cats are strictly indoors. Never go outdoors and just one of her cats will get fleas every year. She has allergies so it is really obvious. Luckily she is the dark coloured one. Her other two cats are white and they do not ever get the fleas from the dark one. Amazingly. And there have never been any fleas spotted in the house, or anyone else getting bit in the house.

I would not get rid of the cat though. Keep him indoors all the time and it may work. If anything it will be a little more difficult for him to get the fleas. Keep treating them and I heard it is good to switch off from one flea treatment to another, like Advantage to Frontline to Revolution. But only get them from the vet, never from a store, OTC. Tell the vet the problem and maybe there is a stronger dosage your cat can have.
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I'm not a huge fan of Frontline. It doesn't seem to work all that well to me.

I'd switch to Advantage and use it religiously, every 3 weeks. He should be fine that way.
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