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Eating Behavior

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Hello all!!

Does this make sense?? My girls recieve 3.5oz of wet food every night. I feed them 1/4 cup of dry food during the day so by the time I feed them the wet food, they are nice and hungry! They both usually finish the wet food in two intervals; they always "take 5" when they are half way through! So, the whole process is about 15 minutes.

Well, Sat and Sun night my brother was over for dinner and was here during wet food feeding time. They both did not finish their portions and ate so slowly. I was a little concerned, but I knew they were eating the dry food during day so I just thought they were becoming picky. However, tonight they were right back to their normal eating behavior and my brother was not here!! Do you think that they did not feel comfortable with my brother being around? Where they eat is the room next to the room we hang out in, so they could definitely hear him, just not see him.

Thanks!! Sorry for the story!
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I think it has to do with your brother being there. They were probably curious about what was going on and didn't want to miss anything by eating! Mine get like that too, if there's someone different in the house. They're more concerned with what's going on, they could care less about their food/treats!
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The weird part is, they did not come into the room where we were! I check on them frequently when they eat (to make sure they are not eating each other's food ) and they just did not want to eat. They are a little timid when he is here so I really thought that they may have been uncomfortable.

I am just happy that they still like Nutro!! If they did not eat tonight, it was off to the pet store to buy a different wet food! I saved some $$ by them eating tonight!!
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They probably didn't come in because, like you said, they are timid around him. So that, on top of the curious nature of cats, no wonder they didn't want to eat!

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I second that....Cats!

I am a new meowy (adopted them 1/2/06) and love getting to know them.
They are so fasinating!
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I would say that was definitely the case! Sounds like they were nervous about someone new or different being in the house. Not to worry...the more he's over, the more relaxed they'll be.
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That's what I am hoping for!! Thanks for the confirmation!!!
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