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Female Spayed ... in heat again?

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I have a quick question.
After taking in a stray kitten about a year ago, we had her spayed during her second heat. Everything has been good since, but yesterday and today, we have noticed her displaying signs of heat again- she is howling at the door, rolling around on her back, very affectionate, and continuously licking herself.
What could be going on? I thought that once she was spayed, she would not go into heat again ...
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I would call the vet and ask his/her opinion. It sounds like it may be ovarian remnant syndrome, which is a little bit like endometriosis. It means she has a bit of stray ovarian tissue that's still releasing hormones. Many times, cats with ovarian remnant syndrome only have one "extra" heat cycle and then it never happens again.
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Hmm, I just find it strange that it's taken this long for it to happen ...
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We had TWO cats do this. They were even acting uh...friendly...towards our neutered male (who'd been an outdoor barn cat before we got him and neutered him). We were feeding a cheap grocery cat food, and the vet said that there could be mold spores in the food causing them to do that. He said to change thier food and see if that helped. We switched to a slightly better (different manufactuer) grocery food (we didn't know the difference back then) and the problem went away.
I don't know if this could be your problem or not, but it's another thing to think about.

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Hmm, we're feeding her well; maybe she just has cabin fever .. being locked inside all winter.

Also, it doesn't seem to be as intense (for lack of a better word) than when she was in heat the first two times. She is just currently having little episodes where she gets quite friendly. She hasn't stuck her bum in the air either ... it's just a lot of extra rolling around, howling (not as bad though) and licking her area.
I will call the vet tomorrow, just to get an official word!

Thanks for the replies!
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Well, we called the vet, and the only thing they told us was that she wouldn't get pregnant, and she give off her scent.

Her howling has attracted several tomcats from the neighbourhood, though, regardless of her being scentless.

It is getting a little ridiculous; she's started putting her bum in the air, and showing all signs of being in heat. I thought this would be over with after getting her spayed.

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i know its possible if they go in heat before getting fixed that they can go into a false heat. that is why it is recommended to get them fixed before going into heat if possible. but also as semi has stated there could be something physical going on too.
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It sounds like time for a second opinion from a different vet. This is not normal behavior for a spayed female. It warrants medical attention. Until you can get her in to be assessed, you can confine her in a cool, dimly-lit room along with her litter box, food and water dishes, favorite toys and blankets or beds and condos. This seems to help reduce the severity of the estrus symptoms in some females and of course, reduces the annoyance factor for you. Visit her frequently but keep her confined.
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