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Originally Posted by eburgess
High School students are NOT adults. They are children. We are not dealing with the issue of high school students wanted to be treated as adults, we are talking about a student's private information in this case grades. Teachers are expected to respect their students REGARDLESS of how bad for good that student is doing in their class. And what this teacher would not qualify as respectful.
Teachers are also expected to get their students to a level where they can pass exams and graduate. Theory is all "fine and good", but in a classroom situation, particularly with underachievers, you have to use what brings results, not what so-called experts with little or no teaching experience recommend. I teach at a junior college, and am seeing this "live", and not for the first time. A relatively new colleague with a doctorate in education is trying to apply theory in the classroom, instead of dealing with each class as a mixed bag of individuals, some of them pretty hard-sotted, and has totally lost all control. A class of 18 is suddenly reduced to 3 or 4 when she teaches them, and the ones who show up "diss" her constantly. She's so worried about undermining their self-confidence that she's been reduced to a bundle of nerves, and is being ignored by the "kids".
Just how "private" are grades, when you have kids arguing in class that it's unfair that they had 10 mistakes and got a "C", while the person who sits next to them had 9.5 mistakes, and got a "C+"? Or when students are ranked, listed as members of the National Honor Society, or put into tracks?

Another thing: Did the teacher in the situation cited actually say that the girl got a "C"? We're all operating on hearsay here.
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People forget that teachers are only human too.

How frustrating must it be seeing someone failing a subject that you teach (and probably love) not because they can't do it, but because they are lazy or just dont care enough to try any harder.*

I'd want to grab the students by the shoulders, give them a good shake and scream at them!

People don't understand that they are throwing away oppotunities that others would kill for. High school doesnt last forever, why not just buckle down and work for a few years in order to lay down a foundation for the rest of your life?

*This is just IMHO and in no way a reference to the OP. I am just talking about students/teachers in general.
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As a former teacher I feel that your teacher's remarks are really out of line. If I were you I'd take the following steps:

First: Ask for a private meeting with the offending teacher and tell her that POLITELY that you were offended by her comments and tell her the specific things she said. Be sincere and leave any attitude at home. She may respond but if not........

Second: Talk to your school counselor and let her know that you have already spoken to the teacher about it and have gotten no satisfaction but if the counselor can't help you..........

Third: Ask a parent to set up a meeting for you and your parent with the principal. Tell him/her exactly what is going on. Remember that if you present your case sincerely and express how the comments hurt you rather than going in with a chip on your shoulder and an attitude, it will help your case greatly.

Good luck and let us know what happens.
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I think anyone who works in a school, whether as a teacher or support staff, should be setting an example of how to treat other people, and from what we've heard on this thread, this particular teacher doesn't seem to be doing too well at this. However, having worked in a school for the last five years, there are one or two things I think I'd like to point out in the teacher's favour: one point has already been made, teachers are people too, and therefore not perfect (NOBODY is perfect). They do make mistakes, but hopefully they learn from them. Secondly, teaching can be utterly exhausting, when you have gone without lunch for the fifth day in a row to cover for someone else, when you have had rude students to deal with for days, weeks, months on end, sometimes the halo of perfection slips. School may end at 3.30 or whenever, but teachers take hours of work home too, many do 16/17 hours days as standard, including weekends. Thirdly, the lack of support from some parents can be very disheartening, and it's no surprise to me that a lot of people quit teaching because it's just got too much for them.
The above comment about the new teacher whose class is out of control didn't surprise me. Students are well known for 'testing to destruction', this has always gone on. I suppose some teachers feel that if the students are dishing it out, they should learn how to take it too. Unfortunately, the targets do not always deserve it, student or teacher.
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They couldn't pay me enough to be a teacher of kids over 10 years old.
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