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Warning!! Not for the faintheartted!!

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I got this article in my e-mail. I am so outraged by this is makes me sick. If reading about animal cruelty makes you too upset then PLEASE so not read this.

FORT MYERS — The sentencing of a man convicted of killing the family cat because it annoyed him has been postponed while investigators look into threatening e-mails sent to the prosecutor in the case.

Scott Herrin, 26, was to be sentenced Thursday on misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in a case that has drawn the attention of animal rights groups nationwide. Investigators said Herrin is now suspected of sending the threatening e-mail.

The News-Press of Fort Myers said in Thursday's editions it also received an e-mail believed to be sent by Herrin in which the writer jokes of becoming a "suicide bomber."

Herrin, his wife Leeah Shepardson and two other young women were arrested after Herrin's Siamese cat, Thora, was killed and mutilated on Feb. 11, 2001. Herrin said he killed the cat because it kept him awake and had fleas.

The four photographed the cat being killed and mutilated, with Shepardson posing in one picture with the animal's blood on her face and hands.

Horrified employees at the drug store where the film was developed turned the couple in.

Herrin's attorney, John Spiller of Immokalee, did not immediately return calls for comment Friday.

Shepardson pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty and was sentenced to a year n a juvenile facility. Charges against the two other women were dismissed.
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OMG! That is just awful. And you usually hear about men doing this type of this, but three women? I hope those wenches never have kids or we will be hearing about them in another Andrea Yates trial. "Oh, sorry but it was crying and pooped all over!"

I hope that guy gets nailed for sending the emails. At least they can get him on a charge that actually has real penalties.

Just another case that supports human spaying and neutering.
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That is completely inhumane, heartbreaking, and disgusting. The women should have been prosecuted also.
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Poor cat, geez what jerks some people are! And to actually take pictures while doing something like that?
Jeanie G, I agree, the women should have been prosecuted too, since they were in the same room, watching and since they didn't stop it, they agreed with it...
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What idiots!!! I can't believe that someone could do something that horrible and disgusting to a poor cat. And to take pictures!?!?!?! Are they insane? Those women should have the same punishment that they man gets.
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