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Another kitten

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Well, my count of cats is now up to:

1 foster kitten 9 wks adorable orange tabby style siamese mix

1 feral Momma to be with 3 kits aboard (not here yet, LOL!)

2 senior kitties - my orginials

1 newer young one, a Manx mix I've had since last Dec.

So, when the feral has kittens, I will have a grand total of 8
cats! Yikes!!

But my new foster is SOOO impossibly cute. I've forgotten
how nice kittens are, and how exhausting too! She's rooming
with Zazou the feral momma. They've had a few hissies - but
nothing else. Za has watched me playing with her very carefully,
and though she's hissed at me, I've been able to reach under the
bed, and touch Za's tail!!!

Hopefully when kittens come, Za will "bring" them to me,
and watch me with them, and get a little less feral. Of course
it is possible she'll never come out from under the bed for me...
But I have hopes!!

Anyway - wanted to share with you. Miss spicey (cause she's the color of a
pumpkin spice!) is a treat. I hope we can find a really good home.
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Congrads on all your wonderful kitties and I'm sure you'll find the perfect home for miss Spicey
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