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Pics of Siamese Kittens

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Here are the pics of my babies.


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Aww! I have never seen a tiny Siamese kitten before, they're adorable!
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The blue point is their mom. The seal points in the other picture are my other cats. There is one girl kitten and three boy kittens. Any ideas on the color points? Also, do any of them look to small? My smallest is 200 grams and they are 8 days old.
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I also have siamese kittens and they look exactly like mine and mine are 2 weeks old today
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Gorgeous cats and kitties!!!!
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This may sound kinda weird, but the kittens look like lil cuddly bears.
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What beautiful kitties!
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Very nice looking seal and blue point. How old are they and what lines are they out of?

If there is mainly seal or blue in the background, then that's what the kittens will be. But if there are other colors, you may have some recessive show up. I think the color starts showing up on the face/ears at about 3 weeks old and you can start telling what they will be. Seals will show sooner then blue/chocolate/lilac.
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Thank you for the complement. Sarah is out of GH lines. All of her kittens will be pet quality. There father does not live with me I took her for stud service so I dont have any pics of him.
Now with my seal point male T- Bird . He is 5 months I will show him. He is from a Gotier Siamese line. This breeder has a very unique style of siamese. They are from New Zeland. They all have very large robust bodies and a very wedge head. His particular line has very large bodied cat. They are all slim but muscular.
Peanut is my seal point female. I hope to have very beautiful show quality kittens with her and T-Bird. She comes out of Dianyus Cattery.
Mow is my neutered seal point male. He is nine years old. I got him when I was 11. He was out of Cherokee Cats. That particular cattery is not around any more.
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