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Cats and screens

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So it's been quite nice out weather-wise lately in the Northeast... Oliver and I are at my parents for awhile cuz I've been quite sick with no answers yet, so I've withdrawn from classes and am trying to see some doctors here.... anyway, to the point.... there are MANY more windows at my parents' for Oliver to enjoy and he looooooooves when they're open and he can smell, taste and hear the outside - I never open the windows too wide but I'm still so worried he'll find a way to push the screens out and escape (I try to keep a watch on him at all times too)... he's always seemed scared of the outside (Even though he was a stray... i think he thinks he'll be stuck out there again if he goes out) I've tried harnessing/leashing him to take him on the deck for some fresh air and he freaks... so I dont know if he'd actually go anywhere if he did push a screen out.... so the question: anyone have any ideas/methods on making screens more secure so I don't worry so much? I don't wanna do anything super permanent as it's not Oliver's main home and the only window in my apartment is nowhere near suitable to have open with a cat inside so I kinda want him to enjoy it when he's here....
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Would your parents let you put duct tape around the edges of the screens?
Easy to remove, easy fix.
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Our screens push out, I simply open the windows and put sturdy, plastic baby gates up in the openings.
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I remember another member recommended buying plastic trellises, and cutting them to size.
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The maintene person were I work uses a small screw at the base to secure screens to the window frame. Easy to remove when you no longer need it. -LB
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I think it is Hissy who always suggested useing plastic or wooden trellises, probably plastic cuz my cats like to scratch wood and might try to scratch the trellises.
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Yeah.. we screwed in our screens, because Nacho and Orion pushed one out one day and took off. Nacho hid under the raspberry bush adn ran back inside through the window... but it took us half an hour of shaking a treat bag to get Orion out from the ravine.. he wasn't scared at all.. he enjoyed it.. but it scared me.. I thought he was gone forever. I'm still worried that they will scratch the screens up though.. and get out that way.
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