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Allergy shots and Asthma

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I suffer from allergy-induced asthma, and have been going through a really bad stretch lately.

About four years ago an allergist mentioned to me in passing that I could always get allergy shots if the medications didn't control things. I dismissed it because at the time the success rate he gave me wasn't high enough to make it worth getting all those shots. I can't remember exactly what it was.

With my current problems, I have been mulling over the shots again. I go to see a specialist in May.

I know there are a few allergy and asthma sufferers on this board and I am curious to hear your experiences with the shots.

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As my allergies are seasonal I opted for the "series 8" where they only have to give you shots for 8 weeks to help control your allergies. I found that they didn't help much and it was a pain in the butt to go to the doctor every week to get them. Honestly, a combo of Advair and Ventalin with the occassional allergy pill worked better for me (not that I have had allergy pills since the start of my last pregnancy - not proven safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding).
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I had allergy shots when I was younger, from about 12 years old to 18 when I went to college. My allergies were just out of control, to the point where I could barely go outside in the spring and anytime ragweed was blooming. I'm now 33 and while I do have allergies they are managable now. My eyes don't swell shut, and I can breathe most of the time (I developed asthma later in life, so I didn't have the asthma when the allergies were so horrible).
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I am most allergic to cat dander, dust mites and timothy grass (hay). i get weekly shots with that combo and it has made all the difference in the world.

The shots are in the fatty part of the arm w a short needle and i walk in, write my name on a list, meet the nurse at the station and am out of there in under three minutes. My med insurance covers it.

the testing for allergies felt like I was painted with hieroglyphics for a week and itched alot, but the shots are a piece if cake for me.

if i had not done this I couldn't have a cat.
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I would recommend talking witha educated health person ... aka alternative medicine...
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I'm actually an Allergy Clinic Nurse. While I can't give you medical advice I can tell you that I have many many patients that are quite pleased with their results from immunotherapy. It does take awhile to build the resistance up to where you notice a difference in allergies. Have you already been skin tested? Do you know if your allergies are seasonal or prennial?? How many medications have you tried? I think seeing a specialist is a great idea. You'll be able to get professional explinations on everything and be able to make up your mind from there.
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I have seasonal allergies but haven't ever had shots. In fact as I age my allergies are getting better. Weird!!! You must have spring allergies with the pollen from spring blooming trees???
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My husband had shots as a kid, and he doesn't seem bothered at all now! He claims to be allergic to some cats, esp long hairs? The only time he ever seemed to have a problem was the day we got Zakk! Zakk climbed on to his shoulder, and he got a hive looking rash on his neck. It went away, and never came back.
We were worried at first that we would be able to keep him!
I've never had the shots- I usually take claritan or clarinex, but my problems seem to vary. Allegra didn't seem to do anything for me! I've been a lot better this year, and I'm starting to think that my problem was either the mold in my old apt, or the fact that I was allergic to feathers and didn't know it! I had just bought down comforter and pillows and everything! If you haven't had an allergy test I would recommend it, just so you know what are your triggers.
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I'm having problems with my allergy induced asthma as well. I've been on prednisone a couple times and I use my rescue inhaler about 3-4 times a day. I don't have many options for controlling mine because I'm still nursing. I wonder if I can get the shots?
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I don't have allergy induced asthma..

But my allergies are so severe that i'm immune to A LOT of PERSCRIPTION allergy medicines out there...they told me, if the Allegra and Flonase and Clartin mix don't help, then my next step is the shots..

Well, I've had all sorts of medical problems growing up, so I got tired of taking pills, and the flonase made me gag so i stopped everything but the allegra, because when I stopped it, the next day i'd have a severe sinus infection.

So I finally quit the allegra, and my allergies still bother me. But I just deal with it...

Can that lead up to allergy induced asthma??
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Originally Posted by goosehazel
I'm having problems with my allergy induced asthma as well. I've been on prednisone a couple times and I use my rescue inhaler about 3-4 times a day. I don't have many options for controlling mine because I'm still nursing. I wonder if I can get the shots?
I am also nursing (and pregnant). There is a book called Everyday Risks in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. It is a great resource. You can use Benedryl Nighttime Allergy Relief only. Also Advair and Ventalin are safe. Oh - and Nasonex (sp) nose spray.
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Thank you Karen for starting this important thread.
This link is to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America where there is a lot of info. about this serious subject.

I have had allergies and asthma since I was a child.
Years ago there were very few treatments.

I feel blessed that now, with the right combination of meds, asthma can usually be controlled and our quality of life greatly improved.

Asthma can be life threatening.
Everyone who lives with the challenge of Asthma should be under the care of a specialist.

Currently....I use an Advair Diskus twice a day and an albuteral rescue inhaler.
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Thank you so much everyone for all the wonderful replies and PM's.

I have sensitive skin, so I can not have a typical skin scratch test done. About 3 years ago they took an obscene amount of blood out of me and tested that way. I came out allergic to pets , dust, mold, pollen, etc.

I have been on Singulair, Zyrtec and Flovent for quite a few years now. I also have an albuterol inhaler. November - February is normally the worst time of year for my asthma. I think it is being in a closed up house with the dust, cat hair, etc. I have an air purifier in the living room. Abby is not allowed in the bedroom, and I always make sure I wash my hands, etc after handling her. I have the allergy covers on my mattress and pillows.

I am currently on a high dose of prednisone that I will start tapering off of today.

We have no idea what caused my current problems. I had been going through some dusty boxes over the past month. The doctor said there are also many respiratory illnesses going around right now. I have never been this bad.
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I forgot to mention that I run a Honeywell True HEPA filter machine in my bedroom 24\\7.

I receive a "small discount" on my electrical bill for using what is called a medical device.

Changing the pre-filter is a hassle but well worth the trouble.
I have used it for 3 years and could no longer sleep without it.
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I'm a little late chipping in here, but allergy shots have been a lifesaver for me.

I've been taking the shots about 4 years now, and my allergies and asthma have gradually gone from being absolutely nightmarish and uncontrollable (meds barely put a dent in my symptoms), to being mild-to-moderate (only need meds occasionally, and when I use them they work like they're supposed to).

I hope you're able to find a solution to get things better under control
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I am so glad that you posted your experience with allergy shots.
That is really hopeful feedback.
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