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I made a thread over the weekend about my cat ripping out a stitch (under screenname GinaNicole). She seems to be okay. But I am wondering if this would upset any of you loving cat owners out there:

It seems as though my Phoebe's incision is uneven and sewed up uneven or something. My friend/coworker who saw Phoebe last week described it as buttoning up a coat one button off. We were talking about it at work today since she gets her sutures out tomorrow. She even told her mom about it. I was advised by her to take pictures of her incision before she gets her stitches out tomorrow which I will do tonight on my digital camera. I have an itemized list for my bill, and even though the surgery itself to remove the dime she swallowed was $150, all the other costs added up to $700. My friend told me to ask about the bill and for each itemized cost.

What makes me sad is we've taken her to this vet hospital once before with no problems. And even worse the vet said to me the day we picked her up last Tuesday, "Oh, the other vet was out today so I had to do ALL her surgeries PLUS mine!" - like THAT was an excuse or something for rushing. I'd rather have paid an extra overnight cost, than him cut up my cat wrong.

Maybe once I get the pics of her incision I can email them to someone who might be able to tell me if it looks uneven??