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new baby!

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Bill and I went to the Pima County Fair, today. The Humane Society was there, with their mobile adoption RV. Of course, we could NOT resist taking a look. Somebody reached her little paw out of a cage, grabbed my hand and said, "Hey lady, I'm cute. Take me home." She's a charmer. After spaying, tomorrow morning, we'll pick her up, tomorrow evening.
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. . . and is this a picture of you with your new baby?

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Goodness - Opie will have some real competition if that's the new baby! Beautiful tiger you're feeding Cindy. Wish I could be so lucky!

Congratulations on the new baby! How old is she? What does she look like? We need to see pics as soon as she comes home!!!
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I'm wondering the same thing, you haven't adopted a tiger have you???? That's the impression the picture gives, but I know that the Humane Society wouldn't approve of that type of adoption. Is the tiger cub actually part of a wild animal exhibit???
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I'm wondering the same thing....you surely didn't adopt a baby tiger did you??? I think that would be a handful!
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Actually, I paid $15.00, for the privilege of having my picture taken, with that tiger. She is an 8-month-old Bengal , named Ceylon. She's from an animal rescue organization, from Texas. I thought I'd see what kind of responses I'd get, with it. We DID adopt a new baby, from the Humane Society, though. She is a 10-week-old tortoiseshell, who reached out of the cage and grabbed me. I wasn't able to take her two littermates - another tortie and a male tabby. She'll be spayed tomorrow morning and we can pick her up, between 5-6. As soon as she's feeling perky, I'll take pictures and post them. GOTCHA, everyone!:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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That's awesome!!! I would've loved to get a photo taken with that beauty!!! You're sooooooo lucky! And I'm also jealous because you've got a new kitty! Wow, such fun...wish I could adopt another.
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HAHAHA! That was a good one! I WAS kinda scratching my head over it..but figured it was a joke! Can you imagine the look on your vets face if you showed up with THAT for him to spay!!! :LOL:

Congrats on your new kitten!
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That was the third time, in my life, that I've gotten to handle a tiger. I guess, the expression, on my face, tells everything.
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Oh, well, NOW I'm completely envious!
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I have always wanted to pet a Tiger! Wouldn't it be great to lay your head on him and hear and feel the vibrations of his purring? (assuming he's purring and not growling!) Oh, color me green!
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The tiger wan't the only one, who was purring!
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Got a call, from the Humane Society. The vet on duty doesn't want to work on a kitten, that small so, they're holding her, until Tuesday, for another vet. I'm so disappointed - I wanted to bring her home ASAP.
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Wow, you really got me with the tiger picture! Congratulations on your kitty.

We just adopted 2 orphaned kitten girls. The animal shelter wanted us to get them spayed at 2 pounds, but we have refused to do so ntil they are at least 4 pounds. I can understand why the shelter is so careful, but I just want them to be bigger and stronger before they have surgery.
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Congrats on the new kitty! I'm so jealous. You really got me with that picture of the tiger. :LOL: I thought for sure that you can't be bringing that thing home! Thats too bad that you have to wait longer to bring your baby home.
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I knew she was joking! The Humane Society will never allow adoptions of wild animals! Congratulaitons on your new addition!
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Our new baby is home and feeling perky. When I got home from work, she was curled up, in Bill's lap, purring her little head off! Opie wants nothing to do with her. He is pouting under the bed. I picked him up and cuddled him but, as soon as he saw the baby, he took off. I've taken pix and, as soon as the film is developed, will post. Still, trying to find a name for her.
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Yea!! How fun!! Lucky you.... I can't wait to see the pictures.
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She's being so good. Bill's slippers seem to be a favorite napping spot. She's been eating, drinking and using the litter box. Also, has been into the cupboards, refrigerator and dishwasher. I, certainly, didn't fell that energetic, a few hours after MY hysterectomy. Opie isn't acting aggressively, he just won't have anything to do with her. When they're home, alone tomorrow, they'll, probably, work things out. Like it or not, she's here to stay!
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We got through her first night, OK. The baby slept, with us so, of course, Opie slept in the LaZBoy. His nose is, seriously, out of joint. We, both sat down and had a talk, with him and I gave him extra Pounce but, he's not susceptible to bribery. Hopefully, the house will be intact, when we get home from work. That little one is into EVERYTHING!
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You must be so excited to have the little one home finally! I'm sure Opie will come around sooner or later and they will become best of friends.
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How exciting to have a new baby! Have you picked out any names? As long as Opie isn't being aggressive he should be ok with her. I can't wait for pictures of the little doll!
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When I got home, from work, the baby was ripping and tearing, through the house. I had fixed up a temporary box, with shredded paper. She had strung that all over the laundry and Arizona rooms. After I cleaned that up, she proceeded to do somersaults and drag Bill's dirty work clothes, out of the basket. She has, now, been christened: Rowdy.
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Hahahahahaha! Rowdy sounds like the perfect name for a playful little kitten!
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Sounds like the name fits her well! How is Opie doing with little Rowdy? Is he adjusting better to her being around?
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Rowdy is a cute name! Can't wait to see pics!
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Opie, still, has his nose out of joint. The house wasn't trashed, so I guess things went well, while we were at work. The post-op instructions said: "Do not allow running, jumping, climbing or wrestling." How am I supposed to do that, short of breaking her legs? She has, literally, been doing somersaults and "skating" on the vinyl floor. Since she, obviously, feels well and her incision is OK, I'm going to let her do whatever she wants to. Opie got PO'd, when he saw her in (and I mean IN) the food bowl so, he ate the kitten chow that I'd put down. He'll show her! We have doubled our entertainment. :laughing: :laughing2
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nothing like a baby to get the eldest "child's" nose out of joint. Rowdy sounds like a little bundle of energy - I am sure she will win over Opie in no time. One day you will come home from work and they will be curled up asleep together. Can't wait for the pics.
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Rowdy doing well. We have had to put her in the bathroom, for a couple of nights. She wants to play on our bed and bite toes and butts - at 3:00 AM! Since Bill and I, both, get up early, to go to work, this does not work. We're hoping that she calms down, as she gets older. Opie sleeps all night. He and Rowdy are getting along, better. They have been bumping noses. Rowdy like to sneak up on Opie and head-butt him. Last night, both of them sat in the bathroom and watched Bill and me in the shower. They can't quite figure out what we're doing in there. Rowdy likes to do laps, in the tub and, of course, she can't do that when someone's using it. Finished off my roll of film. As soon as its developed, I'll post pix. Am buying a digital camera, next payday, to get up-to-the-minute pix of Rowdy's development.
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Rowdy just had her checkup. All systems are GO. She did not appreciate having her temp taken or having her ears looked into. Incision healing nicely. Energy level and appetite off the high end of the scale. Looks like we can look forward to many years, with her. Film is at the developers so, should have pix to post, soon.
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