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Food confusion!

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I have been hearing lots of conflicting advice about what food is best for kittens and so I thought I would come on here and see what you guys recommend.

Is it best to give my 6 month old boys all dried food, all wet food or a mixture of both? At the moment I am giving them a mixture of jelly pouches, gravy pouches and biscuits- all kitten food. But I heard this afternoon that it is best to just give them biscuits.

Argh, very confusing, can someone please help me out and point me in the right direction?

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Wet food is a better diet. Dry food usually has a lot of fillers and can have a lot of extra carbs.

Neutered male cats also seem to do better on a wet diet - less prone to urine problems and crystals.

The important thing IMO is to ensure you give them a good quality food. Good quality may cost more, but since it is a better food the cats often eat less so it isn't more expensive in the long term.

There are a number of good foods out there (you can search this forum on food and find numerous threads) but the main thing is look for foods with no by-products (by-products are often nasty stuff).

Our cats were fairly recently changed from an all dry food diet to mostly wet food now with about 1/3 cup of dry left out for them to munch on during the day. This has worked out well for us. We chose Merricks brand (well the cats did actually - I bought a bunch of different no-by-product brands and they only liked the Merricks).
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The whole food thing is completely & totally confusing. I am still working things out. I never realized exaclty how many foods there are out there!

I feed TigerLily 80% wet & 20% dry with no problems. I feel Ohpelia Rose 2 pouches of wet a day & then fry food to munch on. I feed Twitch whatever wet she will eat & then some dry food.

Dry food doesn't do anything to help their teeth. That is one common "rumor". Wet food helped with Twitch being chronically dehydrated. Although, buying a cat fountain helped with that, too.

There are so many foods out there & so many websites. It will takes months for you to read all kinds of labels & learn all of this stuff. In the end, it is worth it.
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