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Sopranos Season Premier (warning spoiler!)

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I started a new thread for this because I didn't want to discuss the actual events and ruin it for someone who might not have seen it. So here's your last chance to duck out............

Ok, that out of the way, all I can say is WOW!
I was really thrown off in the beginning when they showed Carmella talking to Adrianna at the spec house. I asked my fiance if perhaps they had forgotten they killed her, after all it has been 2 years. But then I realized it was just a dream.
I was happy that Tony and Carm seem to be doing so well back together. I know, we will all agree he isn't the best guy out there as a husband but they belong together.
Who is this guy Gene though they focused so much attention to? I don't remember ever seeing him on the show before and was confused by all of the attention they gave him and only to see him commit suicude at the end I am sure something significant will occur later in relation to this, more than likely it will have something to do with info he gave the feds, But it still had me puzzled last night.
And what an ending! I was speechless when Uncle June shot Tony. It was so unexpected. Wow! Have any of you seen clips from the future episodes? Was Tony in them? I keep thinking surely they wouldn't kill him off so early, but then again it is the final season. They have to make an ending somehow....
I am really hoping for a good ending though. I don't want Tony to end up being brought in by the Feds. I hope it ends with him narrowly escaping, yet again, but I will be satisfied with a 'happily ever after' ending at least as far as Tony and Carm go. What do you guys want to happen?
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I heard speculation that the rest of the season will just be a dream sequence because Tony is dead. I don't buy that one, but a reliable source who claims to have seen the 4 episodes released to the press said that Tony is in a coma. Holy moley - I can't even imagine the turmoil that is going to throw the city into with Johnny Sack in prison and Tony in a coma!
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What a show! It was slowly going along and then that big bang at the end!!! I never saw that coming!

Wow, Tony in a coma. What kind of power struggles will that cause in their own family, never mind outside. Who will be in charge.
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Tony in a coma! I don't even want to imagine.... It makes sense though! Have you noticed all of the subtle comments they all make about being in charge when Tony is gone. Like the one guy for example, I can't remember his name, the one who lost a lot of weight and is on the Atkins diet... errr is it Tito? Well anyway, he made a comment last night about him being top earner and could see himself in the running for Boss. What a mess this will be!
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don't think they would get rid of Tony so quick - from what I hear there is supposed to be another mini season of 8 episodes after this one before finally retirering the Sporanos.
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Oh my gosh! I just realized I am going to be camping next Sunday, I won't be able to see it until we get home I have the DVR set to record, but the waiting will be the worst. Maybe there will be a nice family in an rv who will allow me to watch
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The ending was a shocker! They can't get rid of Tony - he's the whole show . I'm not sure it would be the same without him. It was well worth waiting for though. I thought it was great. I was a little leary in the beginning with all that talking junk dubbed over, but that finally ended.
Now - how many of you watched that horrible excuse for a show after Soprano's? That's an hour of my life I'll never get back. (Sorry to be so blunt, but I thought it stunk!!). They got rid of Deadwood for that! I loved Deadwood. Thought it was a great show, (and the only show I"ve seen where they showed a full frontal of a naked guy hehe. Sorry - but I'm just so sick and tired of seeing naked women all the time so all our guys can drool and no men. )
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Anyone else disappointed about last nights show? I hate the dreaming stuff, it makes no sense From the previews, it looks like next weeks show will be better.
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I guess they had to do a show that showed the grief and emotions the family is going through before going into the turmoil that the Family will be in with the power struggle. I don't think Chris is going to do anything more than whine the whole show next week, expecting everything to be handed to him because he's Tony's nephew.
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I had heard the same rumor of the whole rest of the season being a flashback and the shooting being the culmination. I am glad last night's show didn't reflect that. Unless, of course, Tony Soprano is really Whoever Finnerty and has been all along, ala Bobby in the shower on Dallas, or the St. Elsewhere ending.

The coma sequences were interesting. I took the helicopter and other instances of the bright white light to be the near-death-type experience. My friend thought the symbolism of him going down the stairs when he fell was descending into hell. Did you hear the oh-so subtle loss of Tony's accent in the sequences?

I get the fact that no character is ever safe from death in David Chase's universe, and it probably would be the most realistic thing if Tony died, but I would be very upset if that is the turn this season is going to take. I prefer my realistic drama with a touch of fantasy, please.

I also do not want to only see Tony/Gandolfini in these dream sequences all season. Once is interesting. More is ridiculous.
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I wasn't a big fan of last night's show either. Next week's episode does look more interesting.

Originally Posted by Deb25
The coma sequences were interesting. I took the helicopter and other instances of the bright white light to be the near-death-type experience. My friend thought the symbolism of him going down the stairs when he fell was descending into hell. Did you hear the oh-so subtle loss of Tony's accent in the sequences?
Normally I can pick up on the subtle symbolism in the show, but I was at a loss last night. The dream sequence was beyond me. I did also take the white light to be a near death experience. I am glad you mentioned the loss of accent. I noticed it right away, as his normal Tony accent is so thick. I pointed it out to my husband, who didn't notice the change.

For some I didn't remember that Carmela does not speak to Uncle Junior. AJ flunking out of school and vowing to avenge this shooting was also interesting. Will he become part of "the family" ?
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I hope he is not in a coma for the rest of the series. The dream sequences put me to sleep.
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