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no sound

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Yesterday, the sound went out on my computer. I'm not sure if its the computer or the speakers. Before I go buy new speakers, how do I troubleshoot this problem, to find out which it is?
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You've checked all your connections, of course? One of my speakers takes a holiday every so often, and all it is is a flakey connection.
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Checked the connections, first thing. According to the control panel windows, I have NO speakers. Makes me think that they've croaked.
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It wasn't the speakers. After installing new ones, it still didn't work. i checked help & support, ran the troubleshooter and found out that my audio mixer wasn't working. Reinstalled that and now I have all the sound that I want. I'm going to keep the new speakers, though - they're better than the old ones.
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Glad you got the problem solved, Cindy -- and some new speakers in the bargain!
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I'm feeling rather smug. Not being at all tech-savvy, I'm surprised when I actually AM able to fix something with out calling a geek friend or taking the computer in.
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As well you should be. A little at a time, Cindy.....
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I figured out what caused the problem. In order to load a photo, on a dating website, I had to download a Java update. This not only killed my audio driver, I was unable to open games on another site. Once I uninstalled the Java update and reinstalled the audio mixer, I had no problems.
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Nice to find the explanation! And gather a little more understanding of what makes it all tick in the process.
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