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Tornado's everywhere!

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Yesterday was a wild day here in Missouri. Our county was under tornado warnings a couple of times yesterday afternoon and evening. The one in the article below started in a town just south of where we live then moved on to hit St. Mary. There were tornados that hit both north and south of us, and we lost power about 6 times while all the fronts went thru. The worst that hit us was hail and strong winds about 10PM last night. I didn't go to bed until the last wave of the storms blasted thru here.

This is pretty freaky so early in the season, as tornado season usually doesn't hit until April. Thank heavens we will be moving to a home with a basement on the 1st. I don't want to ride out another season in a house without a basement. We're planning tornado drills with the cats to get them into the basement in case a storm hits after the move.
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That is terrible! I am glad that the worst you got was high winds and hail. It will be a little safer once you get into the home with the basement! Good for you for doing gdrills to get down there with the kitters!!
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How scary! You're wise to be so prepared, Amy, please stay safe!
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Oh that is scary, how is the weather now?
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Ugh!!! I hate those things..they give me nightmares. literally...good luck and be safe!!!!
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Very scary...
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Ever since the November 6 tornado that hit our area (26 dead) folks are a lot more willing to pay attention to weather alerts and over 40,000 weather radios have been sold in our area. (A special program involving our ABC afiliate and the manufacturer of the radio.)

We've had bad storms every day since last Wednesday. My poor computer is tired of being shut down 2-3 times every day.
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I'm here in Missouri as well. The weather is fine now..
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Tornados are the scariest weather. I don't think my nerves could handle living in tornado alley, I'd be freaking out.
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Originally Posted by pushylady
Tornados are the scariest weather. I don't think my nerves could handle living in tornado alley, I'd be freaking out.
Eh, you get used to it. The scariest part about a tornado is the unpredictability, I think, but if you keep your wits about you, you can survive.
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I heard about all of the tornados on the tv last night. I'm glad everyone is ok.
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Stay safe Amy....
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Please stay safe! I am so glad I life in a mostly natural disaster free zone other then a little flooding!
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I know how you feel! We got hit hard yesteday with HAIL! My poor house and car got severe damage.....and the tornando sirens were going off for awhile yesterday afternoon. I hate storms~espically tornados!! YIKES!!
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That is scary!! Stay safe!
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That is so scary! I've never understood how people can live in areas with earth quakes/tornados/hurricanes etc., I'd be so stressed. Stay safe.
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I really don't envy you people in Tornado Alley.

Southeast Michigan is on Tornado watch and supposedly a couple hit the Lansing area this morning. Really though in SE MI, when we get the warnings, we take it laid back. Heck...growing up our family wouldn't go to the basement until we saw "suspicious" clouds.

It also depends on where you live to. When I lived in Ann Arbor, the cable company (don't know if they still do) would shut the programming off and display a blue screenthat said to take shelter immediately.
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Oh !! That is sooo frightening,You are so brave living through something like that.
I would have to move somewhere else.Here's me moaning about dismal rain.How lucky i am.

Please keep safe all of you in Tornado alley
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This seems to be starting so early doesn't it! I hope that you are all safe and you don't see any more tornadoes for a while.
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What makes it so creepy is tthe weird hurricane season from last year!! Mother Nature seems to have gone wonky!! Also, if you really think about it the weather has been crazy all year! I don't think it got below 30F but maybe once or twice down here!!
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