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Above Ground

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We fastened a "Camelot Castle" to the wall about 9 feet above the floor. The cats love it but it puts the Mrs. heart in her mouth when they perform their acrobatic antics. Here's a shot of Myah executing a side window entry. She'll hook her claws in the carpet and flip over and scoot into the window. If you look real hard you can see Chaka inside defending her stake.

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Oh my Sophie would love that because she's a dare devil!! Love the claws being sunk in
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Myah looks really serious. I see Chaka's teeth in the background.
Isn't it fun to watch our kitties at "work?"
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Wow! Harley would love that thing!

They look like they really enjoy it!
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She has such pretty markings!
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That is a good picture with the teeth in the background and the claws clearly visable! We have to find Phenom a good cat tree!!
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That looks like a fantastic tree. Cats just love being up so high.
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