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dry or wet?

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I am a first time owner of a non-breed cat,Zapata. I got her as a kitten one year ago. My partner and I originally fed her a combination of wet and dry food but my vet told me that dry food is better for cats. Luckily, Zapa actually prefers dry food (a fairly rare occurence from what I understand).
But my partner is convinced that wet food is an essential component of a healthy cat diet... I've since heard other vets insist that a dry food only diet is best. Any feedback on this question would be appreciated. I'm a bit of a suck about my cat and want to know that I'm offering her the best care possible.
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Cats that are fed just a diet of wet food can develop problems down the road. Fatty tumors that lead to cancer, skin cancer, stomach problems things like that. Dry food is better for kitty because it helps to keep their teeth clean, exercises their gums and is usually easier on their digestive system. I feed wet when they are sick, or on their birthday or when I get them as wee kittens. But once they reach 6 months old, they go on dry only.

I also steer clear of the commercial dry you get at the grocery store that are fish flavored. I have learned the hard way that these lead to problems such as stones, and digestive upset and UTI.
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Dry food is better for them. I give my cats wet food as a treat once in a while. I know of a cat who was fed wet food all the time, and will not eat dry food because he is so spoiled with all of the wet stuff!! Well, now that cat is overweight and has arthritis, and some breathing problems. Although he is an older cat(12 years old) I believe the cause of his arthritis and breathing problems stems from being so overweight(24 pounds, and he's not a maine coon, or any other breed that is naturally big like that) So I always say start them on dry food after their kitten stage, and only wet food if they don't drink enough water, and as a treat sometimes!! Gotta spoil them once in a while!!!!!!!
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I feel that dry food is better for them, as their main diet. Its also better for their teeth.

Wet food is good because often times it has a higher content of meat (if you buy the really good brands).

So having that as an occational treat is great.
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We give both. A spoonful in the morning and spoonful in the evening. Dry food is available all day long.
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I leave dry food available all the time and twice a day I mix the wet with the dry. They like the taste of the wet and get the nutrition of the dry. Straight can food is a waste of money because it's mostly water and your cat doesn't get any good nutritional value from it. All it would take is about a tsp. mixed with some dry to satisfy the cats taste, but keep him heathy. If you can, steer clear of the fish foods because they actually get hooked on them. If you must feed fish make sure it's not tuna. I too have some cats who will eat nothing but dry food, but don't have any who will eat nothing but wet. Most of them will not eat straight can food, preferring it mixed with the dry. I think it's too rich or they just don't like the texture.
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Straight can food is a waste of money because it's mostly water and your cat doesn't get any good nutritional value from it

The only way to compare canned vs. dry on a nutritional level is on a dry matter basis. Its simply not true to say that a cat doesnt get any good nutritional value from canned food.

For Example:
Dry Brand X (as fed) Canned Brand X (as fed)
36% protein 11.4% protein
20.5% fat 31% fat
10% moisture 225 kcals per 5.5oz can
537 kcals per cup

Dry Brand X (DM basis) Canned Brand X (DM basis)
40% protein 44% protein
23% fat 31% fat

An inactive 10lb. adult cat would have to eat 1/2 cup dry to get 269kcals per day or 6.6oz of canned to get 269kcals per day. Note: If the same amount DM of each food was fed the cat would actually get more protein and fat from the canned ration. The volume of the canned food is greater than the dry but the nutrients consumed are similar.
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Hmmmm I will give you guys a link on a study with dry/wet food.

Apparently this isn't a recently conducted experiment, and some of the food standards have changed. So make sure you read it carefully, if you don't, you'll wind up thinking something that isn't true, this colum is all about word phrasing.

To some ppl, wet food is better because there is often more meat products in it, and SOME cats, don't drink much water from a bowl and rely on their food to get their water source from, which is where canned food steps in.
There are reports that say wet food is best for teeth, and some saying dry is, I wish I had all of them booked marked but I don't, I only have one, cause I didn't know a hored of people would turn into aholes about the whole subject, no, not you guys, just those fun loving folks over at acme

Here's the link. Its a study on foods effect on Urolithiasis in cats. Read this passage CAREFULLLY, as it states it does NOT cause it, in the high percentages others are claiming, if even at all.

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Just wanted to thank all of you for your help in the dry vs. wet debate. I guess it seems the main point is regarding hydration. My cat doesn't like wet food. Getting her to eat it would be quite the challenge. Of course, if she's not drinking enough water, I'll find a way to feed her wet food thereby hydrating her. This brings me to my next question: How do I know if my cat is dehydrated. She certainly doesn't drink very often but a least once a day... i think... Are there any signs I can look out for?
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zapata: Its said that a cat that doesn't drink a lot of water (from a regular bowl) is perfectly hydrated.
Cats that drink excessivly aren't getting enough water.

Have you tried putting some water in their dry food? or tried doing that + heating it up a little bit?
Have you tried one of those water fountain cat things? some cats like a little stream/water flow type thing, cause its like drinking from a natural spring for them. (why they like the drip in the bathtub).
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