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very thin after spaying

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My two girl cats had kittens so as the kittens where leaving today i had the girls in to be spayed. So i went and picked the girls up and noticed they both appear very thin almost indented is this normal?

also one of the girl can barely move where as the other one keeps trying to jump up every where. The girl who can barely move i have to scoop her up and move her to her water not ffod because the vet said not to. The girl who is jumping around i have tried to persuade her to just lie next to me or on my lap and be patted but she wont and im worried she will bust a stitch.
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an update the bouncy girl busted a stitch at 10 pm last night the vet told me unless it was bleeding or anything was protruding out to leave it until morning so we are about to pop off to the vets. There was only one outer stitch in it because the incision is very small about less then a centremetre. It doesnt seem to be bothering her she is still eating and drinking fine and going to the litter fine
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I dont know a whole lot about this, but Ill offer my advice.

I think its normal for the cats to look thin, but I think its an illusion since they shave their underside. They do remove the uterus, but I dont think a 'tummy tuck' is performed.

As for the active kitty, my cats were very active after spaying. They were about 4 months old at the time and it was impossible for me to keep them calm. So good luck with that!

And for your weak kitty, I just dont know. I would be very concerned about her eating and drinking. I would definately keep in touch with the vet.

Again, veterinary medicine is not my fortay. Hope your kitties recover well!
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Looking thin after spaying is normal. I don't know if it's a illusion or not I just know it is normal. My female cat was active after spaying but I think all cats are different. If it continues with the weak one I would be more concerned about her.
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This is normal. They look a bit thin because they usually eat almost nothing for a day or two around their surgery. For a young cat, that's enough to make them appear quite a bit thinner because the digestive system empties out in that time, plus there is a bit of actual weight loss as well.

They'll look like their normal selves in a week or less - no worries.
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They look thinner because they just lost a lot of mass in their belly area, lol. For a while, with Buffy anyway, we could sort pinch her belly just under the hip bone and we'd feel our fingers connecting under the spine. Very, very creepy, and the cats hated it. Now they've gotten fatter so I can't do it anymore.
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