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Angel and Tuffy are goofy lol.

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Hi, Angel and Tuffy try to bury the cat food dish when they are done eating even though they are on top of the clothes dryer so the dog can't eat all there food. They both dig with there front feet like they are digging in dirt or something to hide the cat food.

These two are very picky in the litter box also about making sure every thing is covered real well. Tuffy will even dig a hole in the litter before he goes potty in the hole he just dug and then fill the hole back in.

I realise that it comes from there living in the wild genes or how ever you want to say it, but it is a little strange to watch them do it.

Do allot of you out there have kittys that do the same thing?
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Rocky used to be obsessed with "covering" his food, and I still catch him doing it. The other cats have also done it on occasion. It seems to be an instinctual thing.
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Ariel does it every time she eats, and has been doing it since she was a wee kitten. I get a kick out of it sometimes!
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Mia is fussy about her litter box too, everything has to be covered well and it has to be clean every other day or she will sit there by the box and make a lot of noise at who ever walks by. Once she kicked a clump out of her box when she was scratching and she started to cry. "ooohhhh, ooohhhh" it was so sad Jess had to get out of bed and change the paper under her box and scoop it so she would calm down.
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This is normal behaviour and as you guessed, instinctive from living in the wild. When it becomes really funny - although somewhat annoying - is when they do it to the new food you have just put out. It is not a compliment - they are trying to bury or hide this new food that they don't like and I have ended up with scatter rugs, news papers, sweaters and anything that they can use to cover it with, over top of the food dish.
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Oreo doesnt know how to use the litter box. She'll sit in the litter box throwing all the litter OUT of the box instead of covering her poop. Finally, when she has thrown all the litter out and has successfully done all but cover her poop ( this goes on for five minutes) she walks out and goes into the kitten's litter box which she kicks the litter out of also and walks away.

In eating, Oreo will turn her food bowl over so all the food is on the floor and then eat it. very very weird. but i just laugh at her because she's funny and i laugh at my fiance at his frustration when he comes home to find oreo knocking her food all over the bathroom floor.
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My cat, Poops, covers-up her food when she's done. Not Spot.
Also, Poops always pees in the corners of her litter box. Never anywhere else. I think that's strange.
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Only one of my three cats tries covering her food and only if its something she doesn't like. You know....like it taste or smells like poop,so she buries it. I see it as her telling me she doesn't like it or there's something wrong with it. I get to thinking...when do cats usually try burying anything?? When they go to the bathroom!!
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Hi taterbug, I think they bury food in the wild to hide it from other animals and they can come back to it later when they are hungry. I have seen on TV where some of the big cats in Africa and other countys carry there kills up into trees and hang them in the branches so other scavengers can't get to it.

Yvonne got one of those huge, deep litter boxes with a clip on lip around the top so they don't through the litter all over the floor. We had a box with a lid on it but when we got Panther he was a kitten who was litter trained fine but when he got here he wouldn't use the litter box. I asked the person we got him from if he used a open litter box and she said yes so we got a open one and since then he has been fine with using the litter box.

We now have the great big litter box and a normal sized one, Now with 5 cats they almost always use the big one to pee and the small box to poop.

Before we got the big litter box we had 3 of the small ones and they would make a total mess all over the back room floor.
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Gabby will eat all the food in her dish, then turn and begin invisible digging or scratching nearby, at first we thought it was that she was trying to get something off her paws, but that doesn't seem to be the case. She uses the same motions as if trying to hide something.
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Three of my cats throw litter on the floor. They cover what they've done, but in the process they make a huge mess. I've tried the covered box, but they were too scared to go any further than the door so it just became a mess, and the lip around it didn't work either cause they just had to work harder to make the mess. The only truly annoying litter thing is that my two black five month kittens will poop in the new litter. If they can get into the box of litter, not the litter box, but the actual box it comes in, they will climb in and go in it. It doesn't matter if the litter box is clean or not, they just prefer to go there. They are two very quirky cats.

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