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Should I worry, am I being ridiculous?

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Vash, very lithe cat, vet says he's at a healthy weight/muscle tone.
But he has like no body fat at all.
He has a super high metabolism, he is a cat's polar opposite.
While most cats sleep 23 hours and play for one, Vash is non stop, 23 hours a day.
He eats like a horse, but I imagine he has to, burning calories like he does.
He's been like this for all of his (short) adult life.
And he has an exceptionally clean bill of health.
He's a very athetically built cat.

I worry though that if something were to happen and he did get sick, he could waste away in almost no time because he has no fat reserves.
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One of my cats, Patches has the same type of build and activity level. I have asked the vet about his weight because he looks underweight and been told it is just the type of build he has. He has also had four episodes of what a feline specialist believes is chronic pancreatitis. Two of these episodes lasted longer and required that he stay at the vets on an IV. He came through them okay. He lost a little weight with each but it wasn't a visually noticable weight loss and he picked it back up quickly.
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Thank you, I'd rather feel I was being silly than having a serious concern.
I never would have given it a second thought, but everyone comment on how 'skinny' he is.
He's not skinny though, he's muscular and lean.
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How old is Vash? My only concern would be hyperthyroidism, but usually they lose muscle tone.
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I have been a bit worried about Ellie for the same reason, but she is the most athletic of my cats, jumps onto high furniture, and eats and poops, though not to excess. She is thin but you cannot feel her ribs. The vet says she looks fine, her coat is glossy, her eyes are bright and she is only 2 so hyperthyroidism is unlikely. I guess cats very in build like humans do.
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Vash will be two next month.
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From what I have learned through my vet and online research, is that your cat is much better off being on the lean, active side than being overweight and/or inactive.

Most important is this:
vet says he's at a healthy weight/muscle tone...<snip>...And he has an exceptionally clean bill of health.
Your vet is the best judge of your cats overall health. And you are also the best judge as to what is normal for him. My vet once commented that most people really do not realize that a healthy weight for cats is much leaner than people think. We tend to think fat is better, for the 'just in case' reserves. It really does not work that way with cats. They cannot rely on using their fat reserves safely.

IMO, the very best thing you (anyone) can do for your cat's health is to research the dietary needs of cats and feed him the very best food available. You may already be doing so, I am just mentioning it because many people do not understand the dietary needs of cats and the pet food companies are certainly not educating consumers, they just want to sell their products.

Sounds to me like you have a very healthy cat! I would just try to watch out for behavior or appearance changes that are outside of his norm. That is usually the best indicator of health problems.

Wishing Vash a long and healthy life!
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I hope you are having a great day! You are a wonderful mama.
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My Zoey is a 2yr old long and lean one too.. I did ask and the vet said no worry at the present time..
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As long as hes been to the vet and everything is ok I wouldnt worry. My cat Dina (shes 4) was very skinny for the 1st 3 years of her life and VERY active. The last year shes but on weight and calmed down - so maybe its just because hes young.
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