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Sturdy cat tree?

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I've been looking into cat trees for a long time now. I have a floor to ceiling window in my living room that overlooks a garden and I'd love to get a huge cat tree and plant it there for the girls to climb around on.

Drusilla is horrible about knocking stuff over though. She has such powerful back legs and has not learned to jump gracefully yet like Tara does. She's knocked over my dresser, a 25 inch tv, her scratching post with a top, and when she launches off my computer desk she even makes that rock back and forth. I can completely see her leaping off the top tier and the whole thing tumbling down.

Are there any particular brands that are sturdier and less likely to tumble over like the others? I worry that she'll kick off, send the tree through the window and the girls will get hurt or get out, or that they could become trapped under it if it fell or that Tara could get hurt if she's snoozing when Drusilla kicks off and it goes flying.
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you can purchase cat tree's that have an extender that reaches the ceiling so that it will not wobble around. http://cgi.ebay.com/106-CAT-TREE-TOW...QQcmdZViewItem here is a link to a cat tree like that I hope the link works you may have to copy and paste it.

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I just bought a cat tree from Wal-Mart for $35 (way cheaper than a pet store or Foster and Smith). It seems very sturdy--my female cat has legs of steel as well. It has an extension for cathedral ceilings (I assume). I didn't have to use it, the regular rod that came with it was actually more than enough. Its squished under my ceiling--not going anywhere.
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IMO the sturdyest ones and heaviest ones are those that have the actual tree trunk built into them.

If the floor to ceiling one is not a tree trunk and is made of carpetted lumber, then you could put a hook and eye from the ceiling to the underside of the top shelf and secure it that way.

A friend of mine had one with that extension on it. Was not as good as its claimed to be to keep "wild" cats from knocking it over. It works for awhile then loosens over time.
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I bought an inexpensive tree of E-Bay, and then my huband bolted a big thick piece of butcher block to the bottom. It's bigger and heavier than the original base, and P.Kitty has not been able to even make it wobble- not even when in crazy-cat psycho mode tearing around the house. We used a round pieced of butcher block on the base of his 36" cratching post cuz he kept diving to the top. Both work great.

I would reinforce the bottom and attach it to the ceiling (through i-hook or extension). I'm sure your cats will enjoy!
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