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Goodbye to Miss Ella Bean - Why did she go?

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My cat Ella Bean died suddenly today and I need help with coming to terms with why.
When I returned home from being away one night I went to our large two room attic - it is in a Victorian house and like a mini apartment size. She lives there since we moved here in September 2005. She lived with me in a condo prior to that for almost 1 year. I rescued her from a shelter in late 2004 and she was about 7 years old today.

When I went to the attic (her home) to check on her as I did on a daily basis..I picked her up to cuddle. She had labored breathing (like an accordian). I put her down on my lap and pet her and noticed immense dandruff on her fur. I brought her downstairs to the bathroom to wipe her down and she began to meow very loudly...then laying down, then urinating on the floor. I called the emergency room (it was Sunday) and they said to bring her in. It is an hour away!! She crawled under my bearclaw fiancee helped me to was over a few minutes later. When she was dying - her pupils were very large - and we think she was unable to see. She had her tongue out and was panting.

What happened? She was fine until yesterday, though I noticed she was not eating too much.

I really need help understanding what it could have been - she looked as if she was choking - but why die so suddenly. At least she waited until I got home. Help.
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I'm so very sorry to hear about your cat. I can't offer any explanation on why or what happened. Just wanted to say I'm sorry it is such a shock when it happens like this.
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I am so sorry.
Is there any way for you to find out the cause of her sudden death? Looks like poison or something. I am truly sorry to hear this.
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I'm so sorry. Know that sweet Ella Bean is at the Rainbow Bridge, running around, healthy and happy, remembering the love you gave her. She's now your little guardian angel, watching over you until the day you are both reunited.
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I'm so sorry you lost your sweet kittie in such an inexplicable way. I'm sure she waited for you to come home to say good-bye to you the best way she could. Now she will be taking care of you from her new home where she has no pain or suffering. Please accept my prayers and best wishes.
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I am so sorry - it is dreadful when it happens suddenly. But it does sound like poison - could the 'dandruff' on her fur have been dust from some place she had crawled into and eaten some rat poison or something that might have been there for years? In an old attic anything is possible and if you ever consider getting another cat you need to know.
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I'm so sorry I'm sure she knew how much you loved her and she'll be there to meet you again one day

Have fun over the bridge Ella Bean
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Ella Bean.
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Oh, I am so sorry!

Please let us know what you find out! Are you going to have an autopsy done? I know yu must be devastated!
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Thanks all for the concern...
I called the vet today and he states that it does sounds as if she had a massive heart attack/combine with a potential asthma attack which would have lead to the heart failure.

I feel like I failed I didn't pay enough attention to her needs. It's so upsetting - I will miss time with her each day - and her cute little face.
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I am sorry for the loss of your cat. I would want a for certain answer from the vet about what happened to her. Without some tests, it is only a guess.
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Condolences on your loss of Ella Bean. I, too, think that some answers could be a big help, since there's often only one cure for a cat-size hole-in-the-heart and you need to know of any dangers lurking in your home, for your safety, as well.
But please realize that you didn't fail her - Little Ella Bean crossed Rainbow Bridge with a name & the love of a good family. Her tragic illness was obviously unsuspected - life can end suddenly, no matter the best of precautions - I had a brother who seemed the most unlikely person to ever be in a car accident, yet he was killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light (It was early in the am, before 5, and it was my brother's day off, but he offered to drive from San Diego to LA, to work for another manager of his company who wanted to go to a family wedding). I do know how hard it is to be the ones left behind, and my thoughts and prayers are with you during these difficult days. I hope and pray that someday your memories of Ella will bring smiles among the tears. Susan
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Thank you so much all of you - I am so happy I found a site to express how I am feeling - I want you to know that it is helping.

As for the person that shared their own personal tragedy of loss, I appreciate that so much. It is true that our own experiences shared with others are truly a wonderful healing tool. I guess it is fair to say that Ella holds such a short span of life with me - I adopted her at 6 years old and only had her for 1.5 years. However, when I adopted her I had just filed for divorce and was mourning the sudden loss of my father, grandmother and tragic loss of a friend. She was my 'transition' kitty. Since bringing her into my life, I met the love of my life and repaired my broken heart. She was there to hear me without judgement. I wanted to adopt the oldest cat and the one that was in the shelter the longest - that was my Ella - the 'bean' comes from how small she was only 1.5 years ago. I guess she held my hand and gave me strength....pets are so important to us - they really help heal, but it's hard to let them go.

As for checking out my attic, I had only moved in September of 05. I had full inspection of the house and there was nothing noted. It is also a renovated attic, as we are making two bedrooms out of the area. It is partially sheet rocked. Who knows...all I can do now is hope she is in a happier place with my other furry friends of the past.

Thanks all...your words are helping.
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I'm so sorry Ella Bean left so suddenly, and for such an unknown reason. It makes it difficult to accept. At least she didn't suffer for a long period of time. She helped you through a rough time, and now she's your angle, watching over you from the Bridge, until you meet again.

Rest in peace, little Ella Bean.
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sorry for your loss take care,
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You words are continuous help. I walk to Ella Bean's grave with my pup Duke each day. He misses her dearly...he loved visiting with her, even though she did not appear fond of him...she tolerated him. And shortly before she passed she snuggled with him without truly is odd how we reflect and realize the little things.

Poor Duke misses his sweet girl Ella...and now we move on. Each day we will visit her grave...and say a sweet prayer.

Thanks for your words -
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I am sorry I didnt see this earlier, but I am so pleased that you found your way to us so that we could help you as much as we can through this time in your life. Our animals are an amazing comfort when we are struggling with other things in our life - they just have this sixth sense and love us unconditionally.
I am glad that Ella spent the last 1.5 years of her life with you, surrounded my love - she could never of asked for anything more

Thankyou for sharing your story with us - I am glad that you have found some sort of comfort here

Maybe oneday Ella will guide you to another lost soul that needs your love

RIP darlin
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I know the pain of sudden loss. I'm sure your Ella was comforted by your presence and knew how much she was loved. Now she's chasing birds and hanging out with all those who went before her. One day she'll be waiting for you .. as my Blackjack will be waiting for me.
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