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I think we just sold our house!!

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And we weren't going to list it until April 15th!!! The word is out in the neighborhood that we are about to put it up on the market. A couple that lives about a mile away just dropped by to see the place. We wouldn't let them inside (it's a complete mess) but we let them peep thru the windows and Steve walked the man around the yard. I told the wife what the inside was like and let them peek thru the front door at the old staircase (the best part of the house). They love the wood floors, the front porch, the original front door, and all the things that I told them about it.

They asked us to think about a price and to call them. I think they want to make an offer without even walking in the door!!

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Oh wow!

Thats so awesome, lucky you!!
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That would be great Amy! Here's hoping that it works out for you!
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They've probably been admiring it for years. When I was a kid, every time we drove through one street, my mom would point to one house and say, "I'd buy that house in a minute!" My parents bought it the day it was put up for sale, and lived in it for over twenty years. I still miss that house.
that they buy it!
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Wow! That is great. We are thinking of buying a new house but could never do it without a walkthru and a home inspector checking everything out!
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Wow! That is awesome!!
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Wouldn't that be great?? You wouldn't have to worry about Open Houses, etc. Lots of luck!
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I'm just pinching myself to see if this is real. Compared notes with hubby and he told me that they live up in the city but want to move close to his brother who lives 1 mile from here. They've been looking for an old victorian house on acreage for a long time now. Boy do I have the perfect one for them!

And turns out this guy is a painter who doesn't want me to bother painting some of the rooms before we sell it - he wants to do it himself. Saves me a lot of time and money!!

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It sounds like they are really gunning for the house Amy. Good luck with closing a good deal on it if they offer.
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