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brunette with gray highlights
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White and naturally curly.
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brown with grey moving in! Or as I prefer to think of it - silver.
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Mousy, dishwater blonde here.
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really dark brown- used to have blonde highlights, but now I just keep it natural- too much of a hassle to keep it up!
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I have brown roots with natural dark blonde highlights.

Or that really boring colour between dark blonde & light brown.
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I had boring med-brown hair with maybe about 10 strand of gray-not bad for almost 49 but a year ago I took the plunge and its a richer brown with dk auburn towards the ends!!
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
brunette with gray highlights
That is funny! But I guess they ARE highlights right!
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I'm a natural redhead. Hated it when I was kid, because I got teased so bad, but love it now.
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Poop brown & straight as an arrow!
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Wow, there sure are a lot of brunettes out there!
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Originally Posted by Mom of 10 Cats
My mom says I'm the only natural blonde she knows who dyes her hair a different color LOL. I've been a redhead by choice for 11 yrs now.
That makes 2 of us!! I have natural blonde hair that's about a shade or 2 lighter than dishwater, and I've been dyeing it deep red (think burgundy) for a little over 6 years now. I get the funniest reasctions when I tell people what color my hair is naturaly!!
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Mines sort of a dark blonde naturally but i have highlights put in it
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you left out the bald men. NO FAIR !!!
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I fall into the other catoagory
My hair is either light auburn or dark strawberry blond....

Anyone help??? I did a lousy die job ... ruby red is well nearly pink on my light hairs( plat blond alla nature) and it looks like i did the roots and the tips ...
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Red more of a strawberry blonde really but I also have the nickname RED
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Chestnut here - strangely fairies have been sprinkling this strange silver dust over the top of my hair in recent years. It has necessitated the application of a magic potion every couple of months to make sure my natural colour shines through.
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Naturally I'm really dark brunette with a lot of dark red highlights. It looks weird with my really, really fair skin, though, so I dye it a light brownish auburn with strawberry blonde highlights.
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