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Guess who didn't win?

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Well, I played the mega millions and Lot O Play this past weekend, and I didn't win, so it looks like I have to go back to work a week from Monday. Of course, I only spent combined $3. Maybe if I wasn't so cheap........
Do you guys play the lottery where you live?
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Oh no not good! maybe next time.....
I dont do the lottery. I buy the occasional scratch card but have never won more than £1, which I use in the shop to buy another scratch card straight away!
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Poooooooor Susie!

I have played the lottery but no success. Haven't bought any in the last few years. My Dad did win $500 from a scratch off back in 1989, though.
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Every once in awhile I'll buy a scratch card or of my best friends calls the lottery the "idiot tax".

I've never won more than like $15, one of my friends has won a couple of hundred dollars. I've never played the powerball or anything like that, I'm sure I'd buy it, forget I had bought it, and then not have any idea what the winning numbers actually were.
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Not usually, every once in a while I will play one of those scratch and win kind of things like bingo.
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My mother wins often, but not more than $2,000 in the lottery

In germany she hasnt won more than $100
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My dad plays the lotto once in awhile.
I personally like the scratch off.
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Aww Susie Never mind there is always next week

I play the lotto every once in a while,usually when i'm feeling lucky.I havent won on the English lotto.But i have won afew £250.s on the Irish lotto.

Hmmm Which reminds me I haven't picked any fourleaf clover lately.

Do you have clover in the U.S ?
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Originally Posted by furryferals
Do you have clover in the U.S ?
We do Diana but your lucky if you find one!
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Well next time i'm picking one i'll look for one for you Susie and i'll post a pic of it for you

well its the best i can do
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I play the lottery occasionally -- when I pass by a Lotto booth, without an armful, without time pressure, and if the pot is more than the minimum. Those three things don't coincide very often! I did win a couple hundred bucks once. We just had a few little treats and moved on with life.
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I'll play MegaMillions on occasion, if the jackpot is $50M or more, and if I have a few bucks to spare. No luck yet.
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