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Fat cats sharing a bowl.

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We have two 6-8 ish year old fat male cats, and recently a kitty who is now around 5 months old. They all share the same bowl, which is always full and not really moderated. I want the two big males to lose weight, but how could I do this and moniter them if all 3 share one bowl? Can they be trained to go to separate bowls?
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each cat should have its on food bowl.. Are you feeding an all stage food?? cause with varing ages you should either do that or give two different formulas as the kitten needs extra stuff
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I would start feeding them in separate bowls, and not free feeding, this way you should be able to monitor who eats what. It can be a nightmare though, I have 5 in the house at the mo, and they all eat out of separate bowls, but I am always on the lookout at mealtimes for them pinching other peoples food!!
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Well, we had kitten food for the kitty to begin with but he found his way to the adult cat food also. We just use an old dog bowl for the cat food. We also just have one big bowl for the dog/cats for water, and the cats like to eat the dog food from her bowl from time to time. So it's not really segregated, and I'm not sure how I would go about segregating it.

I don't know how I could go about getting them to tend to seperate bowls. We don't really pay them awful lots of attention, I mean we take them to vets and things to get their shots and when they jump in our laps we pet them, and keep them fed and watered and but other than that they just kind of go in and out the house as they please.
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Being overweight puts them at a high risk for a lot of health probs, and cats naturally start to slow down and put weight on from the age of 7-8, so you really need to start doing something for them. You obviously care enough to find a forum for advice.
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How do you get them to eat out of separate bowls? I have 2 cats, and 3 bowls. They each have their own bowl for canned food, and a community bowl for dry food which always has a little bit in it in case they get hungry between feedings. But they will eat out of whichever bowl they feel like. Swanie will eat out of his, then go eat out of Cindy's. She will sometimes eat out of his. They never finish off everything in the bowl, either, it's not like one goes empty.
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