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funny pictures !!!!hahahahaha

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Come on everybody , we are way to serious !!!
I know a great idea to make us all laugh : post the funniest pictures of your pets !!!! Fun garanteed !
Here comes one of my Sydney , who was in our rabbit's cage outside ; he was always so curious to discover what this cage was like , so I gave him 5 minutes ... Waw , he disliked it !!!
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Good thing the bunny wasn't in there with him! :LOL:
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**pouts** I can't really participate in this one. Stupid scanner...

LOL I guess Sydney won't be so curious anymore!
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We were decorating for Christmas and Trent found the brand new tub of catnip we had got them. He decided to take off with it and keep it all for himself - little fiend!

If the picture doesn't attach or if you want to see it bigger, you can see it here:
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Heidi, Trent is so adorable!! He looks exsactly like Xavier and that looks like something Xavier would do.
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I was really lucky to get that picture. I never have the camera handy when they do something silly or cute. We were also laughing so hard I'm surprised the picture isn't shaky! :LOL:
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I don't have a pic of this, but I'll share the story anyway.

This past Christmas my parents came down a couple of days before to drop off all the kids gifts, etc. That way everything was under the tree on Christmas morning for them. So, my mom was being cute, she bought my cats a big box of cat food and wrapped it up, and wrote something like "To the kitties, from Nana Claus" and put it under the tree.

Need I say more?????? They obviously smelled it, and when we got up the next morning, they had dug thru all the gifts to find "theirs" and had ripped it to shreds. It was sooooo funny, I wish now I had taken a photo.
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Kitty sleeping....

Kitty sleeping again....

No comment....

Pick the cat

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haha , that picture of Casper and some furrdolls !!!!!!!!
It makes me think of the best scene in the E.T.-movie : E.T. is hiding in a closet among a hundred other dolls , and then mommy looks in there and does NOT see E.T. !!!! Great pic Niina !!!
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I really need to get a digital camera. Its tough to catch the funny moments on a webcam

Anyway, here is kitty swimming through packing peanuts, she absolutely goes nuts when i open up the box of these for her to play in:

And this one, of her just being silly. The first time she got up on my bed and there was only a sheet on it, she was quite entertained by the sound her feet made sliding on the sheet. So she started running across the bed, but about half way across, she would throw her front paws forward and just slide the rest of the way on her tummy. Of course she got all 'tuff' and puffed up her tail also. Silly kitty...

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Jaid - those pics of your kitty are just adorable! I would have loved to see her sliding across the bed all puffed up. Too funny!

We always have help making the bed. It used to be just Trent who thought it was neat to get under the sheets while we were fluffing them and attack them when it was coming down. Now Ophelia has joined in the fun. It takes forever to get the bed done, and then we have to check for kitty lumps under the covers!
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I don't have any photos to add, but I loved all of yours!

BTW, Heidi, I clicked the link and poked through your whole photo album. I loved the baby pictures, and the one where Trent has his tail wrapped around Ophelia like a hug.
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