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''Excuuuuuse me, did you lose something?''


''You don't see me grabbing that durn camera everytime you do something cute, do you???''

Hilda >^..^<
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Why dontcha get me some kitty steps, why dontcha, geesh.
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Come here! I want to eat your brain!
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"With his special x-ray halogen vision turned on, Fluffy attempts to burn a hole through his human, emitting a laser that will melt the secret food cabinet portal to gain access of it's contents."
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"Uh-Oh, here comes Rover."
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Right! Thats it! If you dont put the camera away, your gonna be face down in this bowl till the bubbles stop!
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I'm going to get in that bowl wether you like it or not.
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Get your own bowl!
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"I see you, lookin' at me, lookin' at you, taking a picture of me, checkin' out this food, that's not really for me, but definitely not for you, or for me!"
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"Now I see why the dog would rather eat from my litter box... this stuff is disgusting!"
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<british accent> "Please, Sir....may I have som'ore?"
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Are you taking my picture again? C'mom give me a break.
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"So am I supposed to eat the pill on the bottum or....."
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Every time I check in here it's the same thing, dog slobber! Theres nothing worse then a bowl of dog slobber. Why in the world would they want to display a bowl of the dogs slobber? Geesh, they never keep anything I create. Walks away flexing toes and thinking about creating a new masterpiece on the couch back.
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Back away from the food dish and no one gets hurt
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ummm.....I know what this looks like, but i swear i was just getting down.......but I am too cute to be mad at......right?
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How would you like it if you had to climb ladder to eat your dinner Meowmy?
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Ugh... looks like tequila doesn't agree with me.
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"Come onnnnnn Ice Cream!"
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This thing would move easier if it had wheels.
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Thank you, no. I won't be needing a To-Go box.
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~"Oh...Oh...theres a camera....I am SOOOO being punked! Darn u Ashton Cutcher!~
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"What the dog doesn't know won't hurt me."
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"Now I've taken care of the dogs food, I suppose I should eat my own!"
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~How often is a NEW pic put up? Has this pic been up awhile?~
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Welcome to your first day at kindergarten. This is our craft table. Scoop some of the dry bits from that bowl into this one with water. Once they soak a bit you can squish them and mold them into fun mouse or bird shapes.
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Look into my eyes...yes..that's it...you will give me food...you WILL give me food!!!!!
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Oh purrrrrrlease, i've been told not to eat off the table and then you put my bowl on here.
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Originally Posted by mom_2_3 View Post
~How often is a NEW pic put up? Has this pic been up awhile?~
Since March 12! I would like to see a new one every day (like KatKwiz). If there is a shortage of photos of cats, I have over three thousand of cats I have owned!!
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This puts new meaning on the term "belly up to the bar".
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