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Caption This #0944  

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Picture by tanjkn3
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This looks a good place to throw up that fur ball i have been working on.
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^^^ Hilarious!

"So, thought you'd make me skinnier by putting my food up here, did you? HA! Watch me snarf, human"
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Sooo... you're going to make me work for my food are you?
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I'll teach Fido to eat from my dish! Payback!!
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Someone already threw up in this dish. Oh, it's the dog's food?
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You mean the dog actually EATS this stuff?? Ewwwwwwww
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But I am still HUNGRY!!!
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Is this supposed to aid in my digestion?
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when the dog eats my food no one gets up but when I go to eat his everyone has to make a big deal about it.
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This is just a tad to tall
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The least you could do is give me a box to stand on
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**waves Jedi paw**
This is NOT the cat you are looking for.
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"Did you know that dogs have to eat this junk??"
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What are you looking at?
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ok, this not funny! who hid my food?
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Look, the dog must be taught a lesson, even if it means I have to eat this stuff.
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what? you want some?
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What... you looking at me? You lookin at me!?
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what no tuna.


the dog will never know where that hairball came from
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Oh I love these !
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"Do I look like I'm going to miss a meal?"
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What's This Crap??
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If I put my ear close enough I can almost hear the ocean...er..wait...actually it's just the sound of the dog chowing down.
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Hmmm Perched Litterbox...?
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I eat WHEN I want, WHAT I want, and out of WHATEVER I want. If you have a problem with that, get rid of the dog.
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'I don't know what you are so upset about....atleast I didn't pee in it !!'
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Hey can you lower this thing a little,what do i looks like Gumby?
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"umm.. me? what am I doing?... well.. certainly NOT looking for swimming toys... nope... not me! ~honest~ would THIS face lie to you? huh? huh?"
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Uhh mom! I think you missed the memo! This is NOT the tuna i ordered! Get in the kitchen and get me some tuna! This stuff smells like the dogs
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